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Can you use cocoa powder in 21 day fix?

Can you use cocoa powder in 21 day fix?

I would recommend starting with Vanilla so that it’s easier to add fruit to your shakes to mix it up a bit. You could also add unsweetened cocoa powder to make the vanilla chocolate!

What container is chocolate in 21 day fix?

Treats and Other Beverages (3 per week)

Dried apricots, unsweetened (4 pieces) 1 Purple
Dark chocolate, plain (1.5″ x 1.5″ square, 1 fun-sized bar, or approx. 25 morsels) 1 Yellow
Potato chips, plain kettle (6 chips) 1 Yellow
Tortilla chips, plain corn (6 chips) 1 Yellow
Mini pretzels (14 pretzels) 1 Yellow

Can you substitute containers on 21 day fix?

The Containers. You can, if you like, buy just the containers rather than the whole program. Here are the official 21-day fix ones. However, these containers by Meal Prep Haven are an even better buy and they come with a protein shaker! You can also do the 21 Day Fix without containers at all.

What container is protein powder on 21 day fix?

Red Container = Protein Don’t limit yourself to animal proteins like chicken or red meat. You can fill your red container with any kind of protein, like yogurt, eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, tempeh, or a scoop of Shakeology.

What does a shake count as 21 day fix?

What shakes are approved on the 21 Day Fix? You do not need to drink a shake on the 21 Day Fix–it’s completely possible to lose weight without drinking any shakes at all. If you want to drink a shake, of course, Shakeology is approved on the 21 Day Fix.

Is Nutella 21 day fix approved?

This Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe from Beachbody is for all you Nutella fans!! Who would have thought that putting dark chocolate hazelnut spread on your pancakes or fruit would be 21 day fix approved? It is, and you can!

Can you eat bread on 21 day fix?

Bread allowed on the 21 Day Fix! Yes! This is because the 21 Day Fix portion approach diet plan is well-rounded*you are not cutting any food groups) This means healthy whole grains are part of the plan.

What cereal can I eat on 21 day fix?

Whole grain, low-sugar cereal is allowed on the 21 Day Fix as a yellow container. You can fill up the container which is around 1/4 of a cup of cereal for 1 serving. You can also add in almond milk, but it’s an additional yellow container.

Can I have vanilla Greek yogurt on 21 day fix?

Your best bet is to stick with plain or Greek yogurt and add fruit or a natural sweetener yourself. Pre-made flavored yogurts tend to add a lot of extra sugar and other additives. Coconut milk yogurt can also be eaten, but it doesn’t have much protein, so count it as a yellow instead of a red.