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Can I redeem SkyMiles for hotel?

Can I redeem SkyMiles for hotel?

Like most airline mileage programs, you can redeem your SkyMiles for many things other than flights, including gift cards, Apple products, cruises, car rentals, hotel rooms and even for experiences via auction.

What happened to Delta SkyMiles marketplace?

Delta SkyMiles On March 16, 2020, Delta added restrictions to the SkyMiles marketplace. While this has always been limited to Medallion elite members and Delta Amex cardholders, the option to redeem miles for gift cards disappeared entirely. Then on Aug. 27, 2020, Delta took the SkyMiles Marketplace completely offline.

Can I still shop with Delta SkyMiles?

Go Shopping with Miles. With SkyMiles, you can find just the right products to make your trip a breeze, stay up-to-date with your favorite magazines and more.

Can I use Delta SkyMiles for hotels?

SkyMiles, the frequent flyer award program for Delta Air Lines, allows you to redeem miles for stays at designated hotel partners. You can use miles to reserve hotels for yourself or others. For example, you can use SkyMiles to book hotel rooms for yourself or for your relatives on a family vacation.

What can I buy with SkyMiles?

Click on “Medallion Marketplace” to use SkyMiles to purchase items other than flights. Program members can purchase items like electronics, home goods, luggage and gift cards through a variety of chain stores. Members who do not have enough miles to purchase their items of choice can combine miles with cash to make up the difference.

How does Delta SkyMiles program work?

Delta SkyMiles–the frequent flier customer loyalty program used by Delta Airlines–allows members to accrue miles through travel with the airline or its partners. Members can later redeem the miles for free flights, travel upgrades and even shopping opportunities, once they reach a specific membership category.