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Business and Finance in Indonesia: The most incredible story of all time!

Business and Finance in Indonesia: The most incredible story of all time!

Not a long ago, there were many restrictions on the Indonesian economy. The capitals were not flying freely inside and outside of the country. Not to mention that many people needed to flee their homeland and seek work in neighboring states or even America.

With the government reform in early 2000, these things started to change gradually. Indonesians have learned to keep their local currency savings, and more than that, they decided what to do with their labor. In other words, many of them decided to leave their low-paying job and become entrepreneurs to take advantage of the huge profit margins available.

Have you ever thought about how the Indonesians’ lives would be if they still had restrictions in the flow of money? Do you believe that the liberation in terms of business and finance gave them a competitive advantage among the Eastern Asian nations? What is that power that the invisible hand of the market gave Indonesia such an enormous GDP growth?

All these questions are getting addressed in this short article. The author’s unbiased opinion can offer you the guarantee you are looking for when reading such articles.

How can the online economy benefit people?

When having to deal with peer to peer lending, Akulaku online services are invincible. They can give small funds taken from people who have direct deposits in the system to others who need some funds to start their business.

That lending occurs respecting all the market rules and regulations. There is always an interest rate that the beneficiary has to pay to the lender. The online business site has less to receive, but lending to other peers keeps on being profitable for all parts involved.

The peer to peer lending is a common practice in Asian countries. It would have been the sole source of funding for new businesses should the central banks not have given more money to run the economies. However, people are reluctant to go to the commercial banks for small loans. It would still be better to ask for funding from services like Akulaku that is rather impersonal and gives you all the paperwork online.

Most lenders have the Akulaku guarantee that their funds are going to get reimbursed in case of business failure. For that reason, the online services have great reserve deposits to Indonesia’s central bank, giving another guarantee to the numerous peers that want to deal with it.

Online banking made easy.

A few years ago, no Indonesian had electronic money in their pockets. That means there was no option to have an online bank account since the country banned any of such activities. The newly elected government reinstated that opportunity, and the trust of the Indonesian currency came back.

Needless to say that Indonesia has been the most populous nation in Easter Asia and one of the most prosperous ones. The opening of the economy to the western investors has also been a huge leap to the future. People from all sides of the world can create partnerships with Indonesians and starts a business there.

The flow of capital is constant, and there is no heavy taxation to the money coming into the Indonesian economy. Indonesians may also have access to sophisticated financial products like derivatives and corporate bonds offered in any stock market around the world.

It is a thriving global economy that has Indonesia inside. Most Indonesians are investing in their homeland and saving their profits for the future. That is why services like Akulaku have met unprecedented growth during the reform years.


If you are young, then you certainly have to profit from getting an online account in Akulaku services. Even if you are older, you can always learn how to use the computer to increase your property and align your finances.

The online banking and savings services offered by Akulaku are more secure than ever before. Programmers have managed to create a secure page for all transactions, and Indonesians can have access to their deposits 24/7 no matter where they are.

It is Indonesian citizens’ responsibility to keep on the good work and reinforce the peer to peer lending that these services have introduced to society. The power of micro-lending has been apparent to the local and global economy.

You need to give your money to others who want to risk and work. It is the only way you can have a profitable investment and a secure interest rate.