Why rainfall occurs in winter in Tamil Nadu?

Why rainfall occurs in winter in Tamil Nadu?

During the monsoons, Tamil Nadu gets rain due to the extreme southwest trade winds blowing to the northern hemisphere. Due to the northeast air currents, Tamil Nadu receives rainfall in the winter season.

In which season does Tamil Nadu get heavy rainfall?

It can be seen that the state gets highest rainfall (34%) of south west monsoon rainfall in September month while the August month gets 28% of the south west monsoon rainfall.

What is the main source of rainfall in Tamil Nadu during the winter season?

The source of winter rain in Tamil Nadu is N.E. Monsoons which pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and shed in Tamil Nadu. This rain is beneficial for Rice and Coffee.

Why Tamil Nadu gets more rainfall in winter than in summer?

Chennai experiences more rainfall in winter than summer due to following reasons: The southwest monsoon winds hit the Western Ghats and shower rain on the western side. Tamil Nadu falls on the leeward end so it experiences little or no rain in summer.

Which state receives winter rainfall?

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are the states which receives winter rainfall. Explanation: It is a phenomenon of the Northeast monsoon.

Why Tamil Nadu receives rainfall twice a year?

Answer: Tamil nadu lies on the leeward side for the southwest monsoon winds and receives lesser rainfall. Once the monsoon starts retreating after mid- September, North east monsoon sets in during mid-October. Tamil Nadu lies on the windward side for these winds and hence gets more rainfall during the winter season.

Which season has highest rainfall in Tamil Nadu?

Southwest Monsoon period
Southwest Monsoon period is the principal rainy season for the Indian subcontinent. This is the summer monsoon period where the southwest monsoon holds away over the country. The whole country receives nearly 75% of its rainfall during this period.

Which month Tamil Nadu gets maximum rainfall?

Therefore, there is getting most of the rainfall in the months from October to November. It is due to the NE monsoon wind (also known as the retarding monsoon wind) , while passes over the Bay of Bengal, collects considerabe amount of moisture, which causes rainfall in Tamil Nadu in these two months.

What are the main sources of rainfall in Punjab and Tamil Nadu in winter?

During the winter season, Punjab receives rainfall from temperate cyclones that originate from the Mediterranean Sea. These cyclones are not of great intensity. Tamil Nadu receives rainfall from the north east monsoon winds that blow over the Bay of Bengal and bring winter rainfall to the state.

What is the source of winter rainfall?

In winter,air over Siberia became cool and sinks,causes a high pressure area north of the Himalayas. This in turn creates winds that blow across india and out over the Indian ocean. This wind system is known as north-east monsoon which is responsible for winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu.

What causes rainfall in December January in Tamil Nadu?

Option A – North-east trade winds is the main reason behind winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu. As the state is situated in the eastern coast of India, the southern portion of India receives rainfall from the Southwest monsoons which are obstructed by the Western Ghats.

Which Indian states get winter rainfall?

The regions that receive rainfall in winter in India are Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is due to a phenomenon called North east monsoon.