Who owns Agrana?

Who owns Agrana?

AGRANA Zucker, Stärke und Frucht Holding AG
Agrana/Parent organizations
German company Südzucker AG and Zucker-Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. each hold a 50% stake in Agrana Zucker, Stärke und Frucht Holding AG.

What industry is Agrana in?

food processing industry
In its three business segments, Fruit, Starch and Sugar, AGRANA supplies local producers and large international players, particularly those in the food processing industry. In the Sugar segment, AGRANA supplies both industrial and end customers with sugar products under the Wiener Zucker brand.

What is the history of the company Agrana?

History. Agrana was founded in 1988 as a holding company for the Austrian sugar and Starch industry. Operations started with 3 sugar plants (Tulln, Leopoldsdorf and Hohenau), a potato starch plant (Gmünd) and a corn starch plant (Aschach). Company history should however be considered dating back to 1902, when raw sugar production started in…

What kind of food does Agrana Group produce?

The Agrana Group is a food company based in Vienna that produces sugar, starch, fruit preparation, juice concentrate and ethanol fuel. Agrana is mainly supplying to international food industry, with some minor end customer business.

What are the top priorities of AGRANA Beteiligungs AG?

The health of our employees and supply avail­ab­il­ity of our products are the top pri­or­it­ies for AGRANA. Get inspired by reading about the latest food trends from around the world. We offer in­nov­at­ive and cus­tom­ized fruit solutions for the Bakery, Ice Cream and Dairy Markets.

How many tons of fruit does Agrana produce a year?

Agrana Fruit (Agrana J & F Holding Gmbh.) processed 940,000 tons of fruits. The company Agrana Research & Innovation Center is an AGRANA 100% subsidiary responsible for research and development for sugar, fruit, starch and bioethanol. ^ a b “Sound Growth” (PDF).