Who is Schlumberger Tiffany?

Who is Schlumberger Tiffany?

Born into a prominent family of textile manufacturers in Alsace, France, Jean Schlumberger (1907–1987) eventually landed in New York City. In 1956 he was hired by Tiffany & Co. As a superb draftsman, Schlumberger began each design with a drawing to discover the purity and grace of the natural forms that caught his eye.

Who is the designer of Tiffany and Co?

Celebrating the Life and Work of Elsa Peretti. A masterful artisan who revolutionized the world of design and forever changed the way women wear jewelry, Elsa Peretti’s legacy will remain a constant source of inspiration. A true pioneer of design, Peretti’s arrival at Tiffany & Co.

Where was the first Tiffany and Co store?

New York, New York, United States
Tiffany & Co./Place founded

How do you pronounce Jean Schlumberger?

Jean Schlumberger (pronounced ‘Shlum-Bur-Zhay’) is an iconic name in jewelry design.

Who was Elsa Peretti married to?

Peretti never married but had numerous relationships with men, including photographer Helmut Newton. Her longest relationship was with an Italian contractor, Stefano Magini. Their first encounter was an animated argument after he knocked down a gate at her home with his truck. “We were together 23 years,” Ms.

What kind of jewelry did Jean Schlumberger make?

One of the most famous pieces that Schlumberger created was the mounting for the famed Tiffany Diamond, which was in the firm’s collection since the nineteenth century. The brooch, entitled “Bird on a Rock”, incorporates the impressive 128.54 carats (25.708 g) yellow diamond in a fanciful setting typical of Schlumberger’s style.

Who are the four people that Jean Schlumberger signed?

Schlumberger remains one of only four jewelers that Tiffany & Co. has allowed to sign their work: the others are Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti and Frank Gehry . Schlumberger was a very private person but liked to socialize among friends like Cristóbal Balenciaga, Emilio Terry, Diana Vreeland and Hubert de Givenchy .

How many siblings does Jean Schlumberger have?

His father was Paul Albert Edouard Schlumberger (1877-1952) and his mother was Elisabeth Schoen (1884-1942). He had four siblings; Daniel Schlumberger (1904-1972), Pascal Alfred (1911-1986), Isabelle Françoise Elisabeth and Jacqueline.

What did Jean Schlumberger do in World War 2?

Schlumberger began his career creating buttons for Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s. Schiaparelli later commissioned him to design costume jewelry for her firm. During World War II, Schlumberger was in the French Army and survived the Battle of Dunkirk.