Where is Oathblade?

Where is Oathblade?

Bloated Man’s Grotto
This unique one-handed sword can be found in Bloated Man’s Grotto. It can be acquired by visiting this cave before completing Ill Met By Moolight. This cave is full of wolves, bears, sabre cats, spriggans. In the cave there’ll be a statue of Talos.

Is Bolar’s Oathblade good?

Great damage, great enchantments. It dominates the screen in FPV even for a 1H weapon, but is a minor issue. Ghostblade is nice, too, since it weighs very little and looks good for spellsword RP.

What is the best one-handed weapon in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 14 Best One-Handed Weapons In The Game (& How To Obtain Them)

  1. 1 Windshear. Players looking for the equivalent of the mythic Excalibur can find it with Windshear.
  2. 2 Chillrend.
  3. 3 Miraak’s Sword.
  4. 4 Nightingale Blade.
  5. 5 Blade Of Woe.
  6. 6 Mehrunes’ Razor.
  7. 7 Dragonbone Dagger.
  8. 8 Dawnguard Rune Axe.

Where is bloated man’s Grotto?

Bloated Man’s Grotto is a small cave which leads to a glade inhabited by spriggans and cave bears. It is situated in the hills west of Brittleshin Pass, south of Sleeping Tree Camp and north of Lake Ilinalta.

Is Valdrs lucky dagger good?

It has the potential to be one of the best weapons, if you improve it on the grindstone and have high one-handed and the Backstab/Assassin’s Blade sneak perks.

Does elemental fury work with enchanted weapons?

Elemental Fury is a dragon shout that increases the speed of weapon swings and damage for a short time. It does not work on enchanted or bound weapons. It also does not affect bows, enchanted or otherwise. It has no effects on unarmed combat.