Where is Manchester City Football Academy located?

Where is Manchester City Football Academy located?

Manchester, United Kingdom
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How do you get scouted for Manchester City?

Scouts regularly select young players from soccer school sessions and invite them to trial at the development centres for Manchester City Academy, and anyone can play in their soccer schools so it offers an open door for all to get spotted.

How do you get a trial at Manchester City?

offer to take you in-person to a trial. approached through social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc) or online gaming (eg FIFA) use emails that end in, or look like [email protected] or [email protected].

What age can you play for Manchester United?

If the boy is an EU/EEA citizen then he can sign as a scholar aged 16, not before. If the boy is not an EU/EEA citizen then the earliest he can sign is aged 18 and even then it is dependent upon eligibility for a work permit.

How much do football scouts get paid UK?

Frequently asked questions about a Football Scout salaries The highest salary for a Football Scout in United Kingdom is £43,902 per year. The lowest salary for a Football Scout in United Kingdom is £16,356 per year.

How old do you have to be to play for Manchester City?

In 2016-17 the U-21 Premier League was renamed as Premier League 2 and the age limit was raised to U-23. City won their first title at this level in the 2020–21 season.

What are the facilities at Manchester City football school?

Players on Manchester City Football School’s Performance Program will also get the unique opportunity to experience the facilities at the MIHP, an elite high-performance facility designed to develop athletes from all sports and frequently used by Manchester City players. Who could you become? Spring and summer courses at the home of Manchester City

What is the purpose of Manchester City’s Academy?

Manchester City’s Academy is responsible for youth development at the club, with the goal of developing young players for the future. The academy is one of the most revered in the country and since its new incarnation in 1998 it has produced more professional players than any other Premier League club.

Is there a Manchester City football trial Academy?

We have no connection in anyway to Manchester City Football Club, and they do not endorse us in anyway whatsoever, however this is for information, educational and hopeful scholarship purposes. Available in the public domain, as news information and we do not charge anyone for our services, in trying to help you get trials.

Who are the players in Manchester City’s Academy?

The academy not only produces players for Manchester City but also players that have the talent to make the grade elsewhere, with players such as Ben Mee building a successful career at Burnley, Jadon Sancho at Borussia Dortmund, Kelechi Iheanacho at Leicester and Kieran Trippier formally at Burnley, and Spurs and now at Atlético Madrid .