Where do I get the Green Proto Drake egg?

Where do I get the Green Proto Drake egg?

The egg itself is obtained from the oracles in Sholazar Basin. You must first hit revered reputation with them, and it can then be purchased for just over two and a half gold. The egg hatches after seven days, and this is one of the possible rewards.

Is Green Proto Drake rare?

Obviously this is hardly a scientific poll, so we can’t calculate drop rates or anything like that (most database sites put the drop at around 2%, which means on average 50 eggs to a drake, or almost a year of farming), but it’s pretty clear that the Proto-drake is a supremely rare commodity.

Where do you get a cracked egg wow?

When the seven day long “cool down” on Mysterious Egg (gained from Oracle rep vendor at revered) completes it becomes a Cracked Egg, which can contain one of the following items.

How do I crack an egg?


  1. Using a clean, flat surface, such as your kitchen counter, grasp the egg in your hand and in one swift decisive motion tap the egg once against it.
  2. Use your thumbs to separate the egg shell where it’s cracked and tip the egg into a bowl or ramekin.

How do you get cracked primal eggs?

Primal Egg Info: Drops from Elite Dinosaurs in Isle of Giants which is the island north of Kun’Lai Summit. Also chance to be found in Treasures of the Thunder King. Each Elite has 2-13 million health and drops 1x-45x Bones.

Where is the mysterious egg?

The egg can be purchased when u are Revered with The Oracles.

How do I get Plagued Proto-Drake?

This mount can be purchased through the Black Market Auction House. [Glory of the Raider (10 player)]. The mount is contained in a letter mailed to you by Alexstrasza.

How rare is the Black Proto-Drake?

all the proto drakes are only 280% and not 310% I have the red, blue, and black and none of which are 310% only 280% and I’ve seen the plagued it’s only 280% aswell. The only mounts that are 310% are the gladiator mounts and the pheonix mount.