Where can I fish for barramundi in NT?

Where can I fish for barramundi in NT?

Check out the following spots well known for being the best Barramundi fishing locations in the Northern Territory:

  • Daly Waters.
  • South Alligator River (Kakadu)
  • East Alligator River (Kakadu)
  • The Roper River.
  • Darwin Harbour.
  • The Mary River.
  • Manton Dam.
  • Arnhem Land.

What’s the legal size for barramundi in Northern Territory?

Maximum size limit of 90cm for barramundi (overall length) and 90cm for king threadfin (fork length).

How big is a barramundi?

Barramundi can grow to be very large. Some have been recorded over 45kg in weight and 150cm long. There have been barramundi recorded at over 35 years of age, though a maximum age of 20 years is more normal.

Where to go barramundi fishing in the Northern Territory?

Darwin Harbour is one of the best places to go barramundi fishing during the wet season, which is normally not the best time of year to fish. You’ll find the in the estuaries around Darwin Harbour or the mangroves and tidal creeks of Shoal Bay and Bynoe Harbour. One of the Northern Territory’s top spots is about 250 km from Darwin.

What kind of fish are in Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory has long been renowned for its pristine natural environment and exceptional fishing locations. Prize Barramundi, hard-hitting Jewfish and massive Threadfin Salmon are just a few of its delights.

Where to find the best Barra Fishing in the NT?

Mary River is one of the NT’s most popular spots for barra fishing and is known to provide some of the largest in the NT, averaging in at around the 25kg mark. Fishing tours and guides are available for Mary River / Shady Camp and can be found by following the links to either Vision Sport Fishing Charters, Obsession Fishing or Fish the Top End.

Why are barramundi important to the Aboriginal people?

It is a popular target for commercial and recreational anglers because of the quality of its flesh, its fighting ability, size and readiness to take artificial lures. Barramundi, commonly called ‘barra’, is also fished by Aboriginal people for its economic, health and cultural importance.