When did BHP close in Newcastle?

When did BHP close in Newcastle?

In 1999 the Newcastle Steelworks closed down, with the *retrenchment of 2000 workers and 1000 contractors. A significant employer, and a part of the local community, was suddenly gone.

Why did BHP leave Newcastle?

For 84 years Newcastle was known as a steel city. BHP was the city’s biggest employer and at its peak employed about 13,000 people. On September 30, 1999 when the steelworks closed, it was feared the local unemployment rate would skyrocket and the region would not recover.

Where was BHP steelworks Newcastle?

Nor was it the only steelworks in Newcastle. The Commonwealth Steel plant at Platt Street, Waratah, began in 1917 and is still operating, as an electric arc furnace, today.

When did BHP shut down?

September 30, 1999 will forever be remembered as an important milestone in Newcastle’s history, the day when the furnaces were switched off at the BHP Steelworks.

Is BHP still BHP Billiton?

Following shareholder approval, BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc have changed their names to BHP Group Limited and BHP Group Plc, respectively, effective 19 November 2018. BHP Group Plc’s ticker on each of the LSE and JSE will change to “BHP” on 23 November 2018.

Is Newcastle Australia named after Newcastle upon Tyne?

Newcastle is the predominant city in the Hunter region and is the largest coal exporting harbour in the world. It covers an area of 101.1 sq mi (261.8 km²) and is the second most populated area in New South Wales. It was founded in 1804 and named after Newcastle upon Tyne.

Does BHP make steel in Australia?

BHP Steel produces in excess of 10,000 products both in Australia and offshore (necessitating 10,000 plus deflators); the complexity of the cost and capital data required; the trend towards increased value-added production over the past decade; and. the diversity of overseas operations.

Why is it called MM Beach?

Also known by locals as MM Beach for its close proximity to the Metal Manufacturers site on Gloucester Boulevard. Remnants of a tidal rock pool are still standing near the southern end of the beach below the headland.

When did bhp start making steel in Newcastle?

In 1899 BHP leased an iron ore mine at Iron Knob in South Australia. In 1915 BHP ventured into steel making and commissioned a steelworks to be opened at Newcastle. It made huge profits during World War 1 making steel for ships, ammunition and guns.

What was the 20th anniversary of Newcastle steel?

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Is there still a steel industry in Newcastle?

Still, the loss of the works from the Newcastle skyline means that many people today are blissfully unaware that the city still has a steel industry, albeit a much smaller one.

When did bhp move its head office to Waratah?

Bradken – which can trace its history back to a pair of BHP engineers in the 1920s – was also operating from Waratah when it took its modern form with a stock exchange listing in 2004. Although it still makes rail and mining products, it has shifted its manufacturing to China and in 2013 moved its head office to the Steel River estate at Mayfield.