What is a female escutcheon?

What is a female escutcheon?

The normal female escutcheon is a triangle pointing downward, sharply cut off at the level of the pubic symphysis; the male escutcheon is diamond-shaped with both downward and upward angles; a male pattern in a woman may indicate pathological excess of androgen, or be a familial trait without significance.

What is escutcheon used for?

An escutcheon is the pretty metal piece used to hide a hole in your wall where a pipe comes through. They can be found behind your faucets, showers, toilets and under your sink.

What is faucet escutcheon?

As I was researching about faucets, escutcheons got my attention. An escutcheon (“əˈskəCHən”) on a faucet is the metal plate around its base that covers the gap around the base of the faucet and the sink. Often, it is also called a cover plate or flange. Its primary purpose is to give a neat finish to the installation.

What is another word for escutcheon?

What is another word for escutcheon?

crest arms
emblem insignia
coat of arms badge
shield ensign
device logo

How do you replace escutcheon?

They are really easy to replace. Simply unscrew the shower head, slip off the old U-G-L-Y escutcheon and slip on the new one, then screw the shower head back on. Easy peasy!!!

Why is it called an escutcheon?

Escutcheon is an Old Norman word derived from the Latin word scutum, meaning a shield. Escutcheons help to protect a lock cylinder from being drilled out or snapped, and to protect the surrounding area from damage and wear from the end of the key when it misses the keyhole.

Are escutcheon plates required?

Escutcheons are the circular plates which go around the base of a fire sprinkler head. Yes, they are absolutely required by NFPA codes.

What is the difference between an escutcheon shield and a lozenge?

In heraldry, an escutcheon, or scutcheon, is the shield displayed in a coat of arms. The escutcheon shape is based on the Medieval shields that were used by knights in combat. Instead, their arms were shown on a lozenge — a rhombus standing on one of its acute corners or a cartouche.

What is the name for a shield shape?

Elliptical Shield An elliptical shape of a shield or escutcheon in heraldry.

How do you seal escutcheon?

You should only seal the upper arc (clock face analogy: 7 through 12, to 5, leaving the 6 position open). You can seal behind the escutcheon. in the plane of the tile (bridging the actual wall penetration), at the 7-6-5 position. there should remain a small gap at the bottom of the escutcheon cover plate and the tile.

What does escutcheon pin mean?

escutcheon pin (Noun) A decorative nail with a round, domed head, usually made of, or plated with, brass or copper, and used for fastening escutcheons, label-card holders, or other decorative surface hardware to wood surfaces.

What is an escutcheon in faucet?

An escutcheon (pronounced ‘ess-kutch-on’) is the (typically) metal bit that hides the ugly hole in the wall that the pipes come through. Some people call them flanges or cover plates. You can find escutcheons on the wall (or ceiling) around your shower arm, under your sink where the faucet supplies emerge,…

What is escutcheon plate?

Escutcheon Plate. What is Escutcheon Plate? A plate that covers the opening around a pipe entering or exiting a wall, a piece of ductwork, conduit or any item that may require an opening larger than the item itself, leaving a gap between the wall, ceiling or floor surface that needs covering.