What idea did Chloe and Zoey have to help the Miss Know It All?

What idea did Chloe and Zoey have to help the Miss Know It All?

With no letters to answer, Nikki feels her job will already be over before it starts. Chloe and Zoey come to help her out by making a poster and a new mailbox. This catches other students’ eyes. It’s only a matter of time before Nikki finds out if she gets any letters.

What happens in Dork Diaries Dear dork?

About The Book When Nikki Maxwell discovers that her arch-nemesis, Mackenzie, has started writing a gossip column for the school newspaper, she’s worried that Mackenzie might be about to reveal some secret info about Nikki’s crush, Brandon, that she knows he won’t want the whole school to find out about.

What is the main idea of Dork Diaries 5?

The theme of the story is stay positive, because the friends tried to stay positive when they were nervous, and they were okay in the end. The book was great, a 10 out of 10.

What is the summary of Dork Diaries 2?

About The Book Divide by 1 mean girl out to RUIN Nikki. Mix well, put fingers over eyes, and CRINGE! Settled in at her new school and flanked by awesome friends Chloe and Zoey, life is looking up for Nikki Maxwell, especially since her crush, Brandon, asked her to be his lab partner—a seriously awesome development.

Is Zoey from Dork Diaries black?

She is revealed to be African-American in the second book due to her resemblance to Beyoncé .

What does Chloe look like in Dork Diaries?

Appearance. Chloe has straight long hair. She is Latina (evident because of her last name) with black hair and most likely brown eyes.

Which is better dork diaries or diary of a wimpy kid?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is written a whole lot better, with comedy that makes sense. Wimpy Kid also doesn’t exaggerate as much as Dork Diaries. Wimpy Kid feels a lot more like a diary too. The art style of Dork Diaries is, although hand-drawn, looks like it’s from a legitimate artist.

What number is dear dork?

Dork Diaries: Dear Dork (Dork Diaries Series Book 5) Kindle Edition. The fifth book in the bestselling Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russell, author of The Misadventures of Max Crumbly.

What is the sixth Dork Diaries book?

Dork Diaries 6: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker (6) Hardcover – June 4, 2013.

Is Dork Diaries a 5th grade book?

Simon & Schuster | 5th Grade – Books with Reading Group Guides – Dork Diaries.

Who is Miss Know-It-all on the Dork Diaries?

Today is Nikki’s official first day as the new advice columnist, Miss Know-It-All (the pseudonym she came up with). All the students will send their problem in a special mailbox outside the office. Unfortunately, when she and Lauren check it, it’s full of trash.

Who is the author of the not so smart Miss Know It all?

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All by Rachel Renée Russell. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not the book you’re looking for? Nikki Maxwell authors an advice column for the school newspaper in this fifth installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!

What happens at the meeting in the Dork Diaries?

During the meeting, Nikki tries to tell Mr. Zimmerman that he forgot to assign her something, but doesn’t get his attention. Brandon tells her that he should have warned her about him. She goes to talk to Zimmerman about her assignment, but instead states she has to go to the bathroom.

Who is Nikki’s boss in the Dork Diaries?

During geometry class, Nikki is not very happy. At the meeting, she meets an intern named Lauren from the high school and her boss, Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman is shown to be a lunatic while spatting weird things and eating PEZ candies. He takes his job seriously and acts professional, while having his awkward moments.