What happened during the election of 1872?

What happened during the election of 1872?

Despite a split in the Republican Party, incumbent President Ulysses S. Grant defeated Democratic-endorsed Liberal Republican nominee Horace Greeley. The election is notable for being the only presidential election in which a major party nominee died during the election process.

When did Greeley run for president?

Presidential Election of 1872: A Resource Guide

Political Party Presidential Nominee VP Nominee
Republican Ulysses S. Grant Henry Wilson
Democratic Horace Greeley Benjamin G. Brown

Who ran against Obama’s second election?

Obama sought re-election for a second term in 2012, running virtually unopposed in the Democratic primaries. His opponent in the general election was former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Obama won 332 electoral votes, defeating Romney who gained 206.

Did US Grant run for a third term?

Ulysses S. Grant didn’t run for a third term, although he technically could have. There was no hard and fast limit on the number of terms a President could serve until the Twenty-Second Amendment was passed in 1951, following FDR’s unprecedented four terms.

How many electoral votes did grant win in 1872?

Grant garnered 286 electoral votes to what would have been 66 electoral votes for Greeley. However, Greeley died on November 29, 1872, just twenty-four days after the election and before any of his pledged electors (from Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Maryland) could cast their votes.

Who was the popular President of the United States in 1872?

Election of 1872. President Grant was generally popular in 1872. The major scandals of his administration were not yet exposed and the public had reacted favorably to the settlement of the Alabama claims against Britain.

Who was the female candidate for president in 1872?

Victoria Woodhull, a radical social campaigner and one of the first female stockbrokers, had announced her candidacy in 1870 and was officially nominated by the Equal Rights Party in May 1872, with famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass as her ostensible running mate, though it is not certain that he ever accepted the position.

Who was Henry Wilson’s running mate in 1872?

Schuyler Colfax with Henry Wilson as his running mate. Grant engaged in no active campaigning, while Greeley was pilloried in the press as a Southern sympathizer—he advocated amnesty for Southern leaders, including Jefferson Davis.