What happened CL Financial?

What happened CL Financial?

As of late 2010, the company remained in a tenuous position amid tense negotiations with the government, and as of February 2011, the company’s web site ( was no longer functioning. CL Financial started out as a holding company for Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited (Clico) in 1993.

Why did Clico fail?

�2 There was a mismatch in the terms of the investment products sold to customers and the nature of those investments. He started CL Financial with equity that included people who worked at Clico or had investments in the insurance company. The group never expanded its capital base.

Who owned CLICO?

CL Financial and CLICO together owned majority 51 per cent stake in CLICO Energy, which was sold to Proman Holdings on February 3, 2009 for US$46.5 million.

Who is Lawrence Duprey?

An ingenious Lawrence Duprey acquired his uncle’s homegrown Clico steadfastly transforming it into Trinidad’s largest private company, and among the Caribbean’s top ten, converting small insurance premiums into over 65 global companies in 32 countries comprising malls, 55 per cent stake in Republic, distribution, Clico …

What does clico mean?


Acronym Definition
CLICO Colonial Life Insurance Company

What year did Clico collapse?

Gross mismanagement and weak liquidity regulations led T’s central bank to assume control of CLICO in January 2009, at the start of a collapse that would cost T taxpayers US$3bn and send shockwaves across the region, especially in Barbados.

What are the two primary reasons for bank failures?

Financial Meltdown 101: 10 Reasons Why Banks Fail

  • Bad loans.
  • Funding issues.
  • Asset/liability mismatch.
  • Regulatory issues.
  • Proprietary trading.
  • Non-bank activities.
  • Risk management decisions.
  • Inappropriate loans to bank insiders.

Why do financial intermediaries fail?

There are four primary reasons why financial intermediation might fail: insecure property rights, controls on interest rates, politicized lending, and finally, runs, panics and scandals. First up is — insecure property rights. When you deposit your money in a bank, you expect to be able to take your money out.