What does Margination mean?

What does Margination mean?

“Margination” refers to the movement of particles in flow toward the walls of a channel. The term was first coined in physiology for describing the behavior of white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets in blood flow.

What is Margination and diapedesis?

1(a)]: margination toward the vessel wall, weak interaction with the endothelium (rolling), strong activation and adhesion, which is eventually followed by diapedesis where the leukocytes pass the interstice between two neighboring endothelial cells that concomitantly contract.

What causes Margination?

When the gap size between the cell surface and the wall becomes larger than the thickness of RBCs, margination is caused by overtaken or overtaking events.

What is the main cause of the Margination seen by leukocytes?

The passing motion of RBCs is a result of the velocity difference between RBCs flowing near the center of the vessel and leukocytes flowing near the wall. We show that leukocyte margination occurs due to the passing motion of RBCs for a wide range of channel diameters.

Why is Margination important?

Proper functioning of white blood cells is not possible without their ability to adhere to vascular endothelium, which may occur only if they are close enough to vessel walls. To facilitate the adhesion, white blood cells migrate toward the vessel walls in blood flow through a process called margination.

What is Margination in inflammation?

[ mär′jə-nā′shən ] n. The adhesion of white blood cells to the endothelial cells of blood vessels that occurs at the site of an injury during the early phases of inflammation.

What does the medical term diapedesis mean?

Medical Definition of diapedesis : the passage of blood cells through capillary walls into the tissues. — called also emigration. Other Words from diapedesis.

What is the process of Margination?

To facilitate the adhesion, white blood cells migrate toward the vessel walls in blood flow through a process called margination. In addition, aggregation interactions between red blood cells lead to enhanced white-blood-cell margination.

Where can I find the definition of margination?

Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. margination. accumulation and adhesion of leukocytes to the epithelial cells of blood vessel walls at the site of injury in the early stages of inflammation.

When does margination occur in a blood vessel?

A hematologic phenomenon that occurs during the relatively early phases of inflammation. margination. n the adhesion of leukocytes to the inner surface of blood vessel walls in the early stages of inflammation.

Is there extravasation or margination of white blood cells?

There is margination and extravasation of white blood cells into the tissue and expression of inflammatory mediators and growth factors. Other empirical investigations have confirmed the margination factor (margination theory) as a determinant of entrepreneurship.