What are the different grades of Benjamin Moore paint?

What are the different grades of Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore produces four main quality levels of its interior paints. In order of ascending quality levels, they are: Super Hide, Super Spec, Regal and Aura.

What colors go with Saybrook Sage?

What Colors go With Sage Green? Good news: Sloan says sage green can be used like any other neutral because it complements just about any other color. “Whether paired with rich earth tones, smoky pinks, or other shades of green, sage is a gorgeous neutral that creates a muted, romantic feel for any room,” she explains.

What is the difference between Kelly Moore and Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore is probably easier to find, carries more name recognition, and may be a better option for bulk paint needs. Kelly Moore offers an equally reliable paint, has a reputation for excellent customer service, and may have an edge for those needing more painting guidance.

Which Benjamin Moore line is best?

The Benjamin Moore Arborcoat is Benjamin Moore’s top quality exterior stain line. The best interior and exterior paint lines are the Aura. Aura is Benjamin Moore’s latest paint technology – their gennex platform, which features brand new resin and colorant technology for superior results.

Is Saybrook Sage warm or cool?

A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it’s perfect for an open floor plan. This historical color is reflective of traditional architecture, but also works beautifully in modern homes.

What color is Benjamin Moore Silver Sage?

Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore Silver sage is a warm green tone with a grey undertone that works to significantly lighten up the hue.

Is Kelly-Moore paint good?

The high-quality of the paint ensures excellent color coverage and for outdoor and specialty surfaces, top-tier protection against the environment. Kelly-Moore says it is the Painter’s Paint Store. Kelly-Moore brand paint is largely used by contractors nationwide which speaks to the quality of their paint.

Is Benjamin Moore Decorators white warm or cool?

Decorator’s White (CC-20) is a cool white paint color, with a slight drop of gray. It is a great choice for trim, doors and moldings.