What are Beaver Scouts called in Canada?

What are Beaver Scouts called in Canada?

Cub Scouts
Beaver Scouts is the Beavers section of Scouts Canada for children aged 5 to 7. When a Beaver graduates from the third year of the program, they become Cub Scouts. The Scouts Canada section of Beaver Scouts was first inspired by the Beavers which began in Northern Ireland, named so in 1966.

What do you do with old beaver badges?

Older joining-in badges can be sewn onto a camp blanket. The final badge on the chest is the membership badge, a new membership badge is given to you when you are invested as a Cub. Down the right hand side arm are the activity badges.

What is the Beaver badge?

This badge is worn by all members of the Scout Association once they have formally made their promise. Worn on the left breast of the uniform. Joining In Award. These badges are awarded every year a beaver is a member and carries on throughout their time in scouting.

What are Beaver leaders called?

A Lodge is a smaller group of Beavers, usually headed up by a young person who takes on a peer leadership role (sometimes known as a Lodge Leader or Junior Leader).

Do any beaver badges go on Cub uniform?

Worn on the left breast of the uniform. These badges are awarded every year a cub is a member, starting from beavers. Worn on the left breast of the uniform above the membership badge. Each joining in award is positioned immediately next to the preceding award to form a row.

Where do staged activity badges go?

All Activity / Staged Activity Badges go on the Left sleeve, in any order, starting at the top. Members should not wear ANY Badges on their Uniform until after Investiture.

Do Beaver badges go on Cub uniform?

Where are the badges on a Beaver Scout uniform?

Beaver Scout Uniform Vest (front) Uniform Insignia Placements (September, 2011) Lodge badge Service Stripes Group crest (Bottom of the crest is lined up with SC Logo on left chest) Area badge Council badge Sponsor / Partner Emblem Beaver Scout Necker (Necker point) Scouting Awards Tail (attached with button) (3 colours)

What can you do with a beaver achievement badge?

Personal Achievement badges are a way to try something new or learn more about something you already know. In Beavers, we learn all about the Pond framework within the Canadian Path program, and the many friends that help us on our journey.

How are badges placed on the Canadian Path?

With changes to badges in The Canadian Path, badge placement has changed to the following: Don’t like sewing tiny badges? Consider using Badge Magic. When the uniforms were changed in 2011, sashes were removed and most badges became smaller to allow them to go directly on uniform shirts.

What do you need to know about Beaver Scouts?

Spirit Beaver: exploring beliefs that are important for self and family as well as the beliefs of another faith Friendship Beaver: exploring values that are important for self and family as well as those important to the Scouting movement The Beaver Scout Personal Achievement Badges – Parent’s Guide(unofficial), which may be of use.