Is vermicompost better than fertilizer?

Is vermicompost better than fertilizer?

It has More Nutrition than Chemical Unlike chemical fertilizers, vermicompost is not easily flushed from the soil because of the worm mucus that it contains. Plants have longer to obtain the nutrients and get the maximum benefit.

Why is vermicompost good for plants?

Vermicompost is rich in nutrients, which can add valuable nutrients to the soil for your plants. Worm castings help drain thicker soils, retain moisture in sandy soils, and they can even help with soil structure.

Do worms make plants grow faster?

Though earthworms do not directly aid the growth of your plants, they enrich the surrounding soil in a number of ways which helps your plants grow by giving them a better growing environment.

Is vermicompost a good fertilizer?

Vermicompost is highly nutrient rich organic fertilizer & manure for healthy and fast growth of plants. Vermicompost is nature friendly, non-toxic & preferred nutrient source for home gardening as well as for organic farming. It improves the soil quality, aerates it through natural processes.

How long does it take for worms to improve soil?

Research has shown that earthworms which leave their casts on the soil surface rebuild topsoil. In favourable conditions they can bring up about 50 t/ha annually, enough to form a layer 5 mm deep. One trial found worms built an 18-cm thick topsoil in 30 years.

What are the benefits of vermicomposting for plants?

Vermicomposting produces a product that is naturally designed to benefit plants in several different ways. The most significant benefit is that the nutrients in earthworm compost are very easily absorbed by the roots of plants. Unlike chemical fertilizers, vermicompost is not easily flushed from the soil because of the worm mucus that it contains.

How often should I add vermicompost to my soil?

You will not need to continually add vermicompost through the growing season. Best Rate of Application – 20% by volume vermicompost to the soil is an average best rate. This would apply to the preparation of soil mixes. 1 part vermicompost to 4 parts soil mix.

How does vermicompost hold its own weight in water?

Vermicompost is a colloid and holds up to nine times its own weight in water. This can make a huge difference when there is a dry spell. The water is held at an organic level so it tends to evaporate slowly while still being available to the plants.

What are the benefits of earthworm compost for plants?

Among the hormones that earthworm compost contains are hormones that help plants to grow. Germination of seeds is encouraged, the growth of the plant is stronger and the crop yield improved. This natural support for the plants is not available with chemical fertilizers.