Is there a PDF of the Bible?

Is there a PDF of the Bible?

The Remarkable Bible is a FREE Downloadable Bible PDF for you to download!

What is the latest version of the NIV Bible?

New International Version
The New International Version (NIV) is an English translation of the Bible first published in 1978 by Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society)….

New International Version
Revision 1984, 2011
Publisher Biblica (worldwide) Zondervan (US) Hodder & Stoughton (UK)

How do the Gideons make money?

Bibles, not blimps Each Bible costs the Gideons about $5. Operating purely on donations, with no advertising or vast Internet outreach — there’s no Gideon blimp — the Gideon way works precisely because Gideons ignore a golden rule of sound business practices.

Can the NIV be trusted?

Yes, of course it can be trusted. The NIV is a great translation. One of the best.

What is the difference between the KJV and the NIV?

The KJV was translated in 1611 and was more or less a ‘word for word’ translation whereas the NIV is a modern ‘dynamic equivalence’ version where the translators carefully study the context to ascertain the author’s intention and therefore may add in extra words or change sentence structure to get…

What reading level is the NIV Bible?

Here’s a list of translations and their suggested reading level: King James Version (KJV): 12 th grade Revised Standard Version (RSV): 12 th grade New American Standard Bible (NASB): 11 th grade New Revised Standard Version (RNSV): 11 th grade English Standard Version (ESV): 10 th grade New International Version (NIV): 8 th grade

Is the NIV a Jesuit Bible?

The NIV is a Jesuit Bible. Make no doubt. ALLEN: Notice that Veith does not say why he states it is a Jesuit Bible based on the above verse. Nor does he read 1 Cor 11:27-29 where the NIV and RSV say the same idea as the KJV. The context shows that Paul is talking about the exact idea expressed in the NIV and RSV.