Is there a certification for SOX?

Is there a certification for SOX?

Certified Sarbanes-Oxley Professional (CSOXP) is a credential awarded by the governance, risk & compliance group (The GRC Group). The CSOXP credential communicates that certified professionals have the knowledge listed below: The key tenets of the SOX Act. The history and impact of the SOX Act.

What is SOX course?

This course is an overview of the proper processes, controls and tests for adequate internal control.

What is CSOE?

Certified Sarbanes-Oxley Expert (CSOE), distance learning and online certification program.

What is a section 302 certification?

Content of Certification. Section 302 of the Act states that the required certification is to made by an issuer’s principal executive officer or officers and principal financial officer or officers, or persons performing similar functions.

How do I become SOX compliant?

Here are some suggestions and compliance best practices:

  1. Verify your SOX compliance software is up to date and clear of any alerts, and investigate any alerts as soon as possible.
  2. Maintain regular SOX compliance status reports.
  3. Provide SOX auditors with the access they need to do their job.

How do I become a SOX compliant?

Steps to Developing a SOX Compliance Program

  1. Start early.
  2. Develop a plan.
  3. Identify a framework.
  4. Conduct a risk assessment.
  5. Assess entity-level controls.
  6. Document significant processes and key controls.
  7. Assess IT general controls.
  8. Identify third-party service providers.

What is SOX in audit?

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, often simply called SOX or Sarbox, is U.S. law meant to protect investors from fraudulent accounting activities by corporations. It also covers issues such as auditor independence, corporate governance, internal control assessment, and enhanced financial disclosure.

What does SOX 302 require?

Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act focuses on disclosure controls and procedures, plus the personal accountability of signing officers. SOX 302 requires that the principal executive and financial officers of a company, typically the CEO and CFO, personally attest that financial information is accurate and reliable.

What is CFO certification?

CFO Certificate means a document signed by the Chief Financial Officer of Lessee and certifying to the accuracy and completeness of the statement of Gross Revenues.

Where can I get a Sox training program?

Our SOX training programs are further customized to include information and supplementary materials pertaining to regulations that are specific to the country where the training is held, such as J-SOX in Japan, C-SOX in Canada, and EuroSOX in Europe. The GRC Group’s training programs assist you in meeting your continuing education requirements.

How many hours of Sox training in Sarbanes Oxley?

SOXBase-level Certification – Certified in Sarbanes-Oxley (CSOX) Classroom training: A minimum of 24 hours of SOX Institute training and one SOX 404 multiple choice open-book exam, proctored by the training facilitator; OR

What are the different levels of Sox certification?

The SOX Institute offers two levels of SOX Certification based on your knowledge of and experience with SOX: SOXBase-level Certification – Certified in Sarbanes-Oxley (CSOX) SOXPro-level Certification – Certified SOX Professional (CSOXP)/. Certified SOX Manager (CSOXM)

How long does it take to get CSOX certification?

Base-level Certification: CSOX. Requirements for CSOX Certification: Current membership in the GRC Group, three years of professional experience, and: Classroom training: A minimum of 24 hours of SOX Institute training and one SOX 404 multiple choice open-book exam, proctored by the training facilitator; OR.