Is official-sensitive a classification?

Is official-sensitive a classification?

OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE It is not a classification. ‘Sensitive’ is a handling caveat for a small subset of information marked OFFICIAL that require special handling by staff.

Is official-sensitive the same as restricted?

Whilst OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE is identified as the equivalent to international partners’ RESTRICTED information, there are some aspects of the security controls for OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE that fall below the minimum requirements generally applied by international partners for their RESTRICTED information.

What are the 4 national security classifications?

National security information


Can I print official sensitive?

Sensitive material to be faxed should be kept to an absolute minimum. Printing ▪ Permitted – but print only what you need and consider PIN printing. All printed materials must be disposed of appropriately when no longer required or being used.

Is personal data Official sensitive?

Almost all personal information/data will be handled within OFFICIAL without any caveat or descriptor. In very limited circumstances, specific sensitivity considerations may warrant additional (generally procedural) controls to reinforce the „need to know‟ for access to certain personal data at OFFICIAL.

Is there such thing as an official sensitive document?

OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE is an additional caveat for OFFICIAL data where it is particularly important to enforce need to know rules. OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE documents should be marked, but they are not necessarily tracked. It is not a classification.

What are the three types of security classifications?

The three security classifications (OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET) indicate the increasing sensitivity of information AND the baseline personnel, physical and information security controls…

Why is FGI classified at the confidential level?

USTR typically classifies information at the CONFIDENTIAL level. FGI is classified at the CONFIDENTIAL level because its unauthorized disclosure is presumed to cause damage to the national security. For guidance on handling SECRET and TOP SECRET CNSI, contact the USTR Office of Security.

What is the test for a top secret classification?

(1) Top Secret. Top Secret refers to national security information or material which requires the highest degree of protection. The test for assigning Top Secret classification is whether its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.