Is McNulty English?

Is McNulty English?

James “Jimmy” McNulty is a fictional character and one of the main characters (and the ostensible protagonist) on the HBO drama The Wire, played by Dominic West. McNulty is an Irish-American detective in the Baltimore Police Department.

Is Dominic West American?

Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West (born 15 October 1969) is an English actor, director and musician. He is best known for playing Jimmy McNulty in The Wire (2002–2008) and Noah Solloway in The Affair (2014–2019), the latter of which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Which actors in The Wire are British?

The Wire is set in Baltimore and is suffused with Baltimore culture, including its language. Two principal characters, Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty, are played by British actors, Idris Elba and Dominic West, who had to adjust their accents to be authentic in their roles.

Does Idris Elba really have an accent?

Elba still grew up to have a natural British accent, but his family’s African heritage ultimately proved to be quite helpful to the actor in developing some of his most powerful movie performances yet.

Why is McNulty hated?

James “Jimmy” McNulty is a retired detective for the Baltimore Police Department. Although incredibly motivated and highly intelligent, McNulty is disliked by many of his peers and commanders because of his insubordinate attitude and sense of intellectual and moral superiority.

Is McNulty Irish or Scottish?

Mcnulty Name Meaning Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Ultaigh ‘son of the Ulsterman’.

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Who is Jimmy McNulty in the TV show The wire?

Jimmy McNulty. James McNulty is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by Dominic West. McNulty is a detective in the Baltimore Police Department of Irish heritage.

Why did Jimmy McNulty sign the alimony agreement?

Meanwhile, McNulty wants to salvage his marriage, leading him to sign a separation agreement with generous alimony as a gesture of good will towards his estranged wife so she will agree to get back together. He resolves to give up alcohol and detective work, two of the main reasons for the breakup of his marriage.

Who is Jimmy McNulty of the Baltimore Police Department?

Jimmy McNulty. McNulty is a detective in the Baltimore Police Department of Irish heritage. While a talented and determined detective, McNulty’s conceited belief that he is more intelligent than his peers, and his willingness to ignore the chain of command in pursuit of his own investigative projects, means that he regularly incurs the wrath…

What kind of problems does Jimmy McNulty have?

When off the job, he has frequent problems involving alcoholism, alimony, child support, cheating and sexual promiscuity, and unstable relationships. He is central to many of the successful high-end drug investigations that take place within the series.