Is ING a bank in Belgium?

Is ING a bank in Belgium?

ING Belgium SA operates as a bank. The Bank offers savings, investments, financing, insurance, loans, mortgages, and other related products and services. ING Belgium serves customers in Belgium.

What is the full name of ING Bank?

the Internationale Nederlanden Groep
ING – the Internationale Nederlanden Groep – was created in 1991 with the merger of Dutch insurer Nationale-Nederlanden and national postal bank NMB Postbank.

Does ING Bank have branches?

Operating as a direct bank, ING has no ATM network or branches of its own, with the exception of the customer service lounge at the ING headquarters in Sydney.

What time is in Belgium?

Current Local Time in Locations in Belgium with Links for More Information (17 Locations)
Brussels * Mon 3:08 pm
Charleroi * Mon 3:08 pm
Dendermonde * Mon 3:08 pm
Eupen * Mon 3:08 pm

How do I contact ING Belgium?

*You can also call us via +32 2 464 60 04.

What money does Belgium use?

Adoption of the euro The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Belgium on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of three years when the euro was the official currency but only existed as ‘book money’.

Who is the parent company of ING Belgium?

ING Belgium is the Belgian subsidiary of the ING Group, an international banking company. The bank was formerly known as Bank Brussel Lambert which became part of ING Group in 1998.

When did Bank Brussels Lambert become part of ING?

Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL, French: Banque Bruxelles Lambert) was a Belgian bank that was created through merger in 1975 and became part of ING Group in 1998. It provided retail and commercial banking services to individuals and businesses in Belgium, together with related financial products such as insurance and asset management.

What kind of business does the ING Group have?

The ING Group (Dutch: ING Groep) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Its primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, wholesale banking, private banking, asset management, and insurance services.

When did ing start its direct banking business?

Expanding its retail banking business overseas, ING used the direct banking business model it had developed with NMB Postbank to launch direct banking in other countries. The first of these was set up in Canada in 1997, and was soon followed in several other countries including the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Australia.