Is-17 vs FG 17?

Is-17 vs FG 17?

The main reason is that the IS-17 has a design adapted for integrating the solar visor into its internal structure, while the FG-17 does not have this visor, giving it a more sporty feeling. The shell of the FG-17 is made with an advanced compound of fiberglass, while the IS-17 is made with polycarbonate.

Is-17 weight?

Helmet details

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Model IS-17
Manufacturer HJC
Helmet weight 1.55kg
Price from £139.99

Is-17 a motorcycle helmet?

HJC’s IS-17 helmet is DOT-approved and available in sizes XS-2XL. It is a light, comfortable, feature-rich helmet for the money, but its drawbacks include noise, limited ventilation and potential quality issues with the sunshield.

What replaced the HJC is 17?

NOTE: the IS-17 has now been phased out and replaced by the HJC C70.

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According to the BMI-for-age growth charts, a 17-year old male at 69 inches tall (5 feet 9 inches) would be classified as overweight above 168 pounds or 76 kilograms. A 17-year old female at 64 inches tall (5 feet 4 inches) would be classified as overweight above 146 pounds or 66 kilograms.

Is a 17 pinlock inserted?

The HJC Pinlock Insert is extremely tough and durable and offers outstanding optical clarity. Pinlock is well known for it’s patented anti-fog technology in the global market and is expanding….HJC Pinlock Insert for IS-17 / C70 / FG-17 (HJ-20M) Helmets.

Brand HJC

What are the features of the HJC fg-17?

The FG-17 incorporates many of the high-spec features from the RPHA-10, including the unique centrally-located visor lock. It has a fiberglass composite shell in place of the polycarbonate shells found on the more pedestrian HJC helmets. The face shield is Pinlock-ready and the Pinlock anti-fog insert and chin curtain was included.

What’s the difference between a Cl 17 and a FG 17?

The FG-17 is about a $50.00 to $60.00 cost difference from the CL-17 and — as long as the helmet fits (see our discussion below) — it’s definitely worth it.

What makes the HJC CL-17 helmet so cool?

The HJC CL-17 Helmet hits the same safety ratings as the big boys yet comes in at hundreds less. This is a helmet designed to keep you cool. Advanced ventilation channels do most of the work but a moisture wicking interior liner is there for backup.