How many zip codes are in Sussex County Delaware?

How many zip codes are in Sussex County Delaware?

SUSSEX County, DE Covers 23 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Classification Area Code(s)
19930 General 302
19931 General 302
19933 General 302
19939 General 302

What zip codes are in Morris County NJ?

ZIP Codes in Morris County NJ

  • 07960.
  • 07840.
  • 07054.
  • 07920.
  • 07869.
  • 07866.
  • 07801.
  • 07950.

How many zip codes are in Passaic County NJ?

28 Zip Codes
Passaic County, New Jersey: 28 Zip Codes.

What zip codes are in Bergen County NJ?

ZIP Codes in Bergen County NJ

  • 07024.
  • 07601.
  • 07666.
  • 07410.
  • 07631.
  • 07010.
  • 07026.
  • 07675.

What part of NJ is Morris County?

Morris County is part of the New York metropolitan area and is divided into 39 municipalities, but has no large cities. Its county seat is Morristown….Morris County, New Jersey.

Morris County
Seat Morristown
Largest city Parsippany-Troy Hills Township (population) Rockaway Township (area)

What zip code is Passaic?

Passaic/Zip codes

What is the zip code for Garfield NJ?

Garfield/Zip codes

What towns are in Sussex County NJ?

Here are the 10 towns that topped our list in Sussex County in 2019: Byram Township. Sparta. Vernon. Wantage. Stillwater. Fredon Township. Green Township.

Where is Sussex County, New Jersey?

Sussex County is the northernmost county in the State of New Jersey. Its county seat is Newton. It is part of the New York Metropolitan Area and is part of the state’s Skylands Region , a term promoted by the New Jersey Commerce, Economic Growth, & Tourism Commission to encourage tourism.

What is the county code for NJ?

The area codes in the U.S. State of New Jersey are: 201: Northeastern New Jersey primarily Bergen County and Hudson County. 551: Overlays area code 201 .