How does yorku meal plan work?

How does yorku meal plan work?

The meal plan uses a declining balance system similar to your debit card. Each purchase you make for a meal, is deducted from the balance on your meal plan account. The difference between the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Convenience plan options is the dollar value loaded to your account.

What is bronze meal plan?

The Bronze 100/500 plan features 50 meal swipes per semester which can be used at any dining center; at any Herbie’s Market as a meal exchange; or at the Selleck Food Court and Husker Heroes as a meal exchange via the Transact mobile ordering app.

What are meal plan flex dollars?

Flex dollars are usually intended for in-between-meal food purchases. Most tuition plans will include a separate overall meal plan which covers a set number of meals each month. The flex spending plan works in conjunction with the standard program to cover smaller purchases.

How do I add flex dollars?

How do I add Flex Dollars to my account?

  1. Students can add flex dollars online with a credit card at Get Funds.
  2. Students can also add flex dollars with cash, check, or credit card during regular business hours by visiting the ID Office at 218 Becht Hall.

How much is a meal plan at York?

Meal Plan Options – 2021/2022

Meal Plan Options Cost of Plan Meal Plan Plus Dollars
Silver $4,500 $2,375
Gold $5,000 $2,875
Platinum $5,500 $3,375
Suite/Convenience $2,750 $2,625

How much is the tuition fee in York University?

Domestic tuition 7,758 CAD, International tuition 26,978.4 CAD (2018 – 19)
York University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How do I check my meal plan UMN?

How do I check my meal plan/FlexDine Balance? Each time you use your meal plan or FlexDine you can ask the cashier for your balance. You can also check your balances online at

How much is meal plan at UNL?

Compare Plans

Big Red 18/200 Herbie 25 Add-on
Guests, Limits & Lockouts Students who use their alotted weekly meal plan swipes can use their Dining Dollars until their swipes reload on Sunday morning. Multiple packs can be purchased.
Price per academic year $4,653.00 $270.00

Where can I use flex dollars UKY?

Flex Dollars:Flex Dollars supplement your meals and are included in each meal plan. Flex Dollars work just like a debit card and may be used at all UK Dining locations. Flex Dollars are not taxed at the time of your purchase. Flex Dollars can be added anytime in the semester and there is no fee to add Flex Dollars.

How does Ryerson meal plan work?

How it works. RUEats Dining Dollars allow you to load a custom amount of money on your OneCard that can be used at Ryerson operated campus eateries. If after the academic year you have a remaining balance, you can claim a refund or transfer the balance to a Ryerson Eats Fund to carry over into the next academic year.

Where are flex dollars accepted?

Flex is accepted at several local businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, health and drug stores, school supply/home furnishings stores, and Student Advantages.

Can you use flex dollars at the bookstore?

Flexi Dollars (Flexi$) can be spent like cash at all campus dining locations, as well as the Bookstore and Student Health Center.

Are there meal plans for York University students?

Meal Plans offer incredible choice, flexibility and value! Students living in residence accommodations where Meal Plans are mandatory must select one of the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Meal Plans. Students living in suite-style accommodations with kitchens may optionally purchase any of the Meal Plans listed below.

What can you do with York University debit card?

York University’s Official Photo Identification and Debit Card! It’s the one card you need to access key services such as the Library, recreation facilities, exams, food, meal plans, shopping, events, discounts and more.

How do I replace my York University YU card?

For employee YU-card replacements, the YU-card Office must verify your information with HR Records before issuing. Please email [email protected] before booking an appointment.

How much does it cost to buy a meal plan?

If you choose to live in a traditional style building, it is necessary that you purchase a meal plan because this is a requirement by the university. Meal plans are available in different packages each going for a different price. You can buy a meal plan for $2,500, $3000, $3,500 or $4,000.