How do I customize my Cairo-Dock?

How do I customize my Cairo-Dock?

To change the settings of the new dock, on it -> “Cairo-dock” -> “set up this dock”. You can set up its position, visibility, background, and view. Other parameters are global and available through the normal config window.

How do I make my Mac like a dock?

Mac Like Dock for Windows PC

  1. ObjectDock. ObjectDock software is one of the first Mac dock programs developed for Windows.
  2. Winstep Nexus. Winstep Nexus dock is free for personal use, but there is the ultimate package with additional features.
  3. XWindows Dock.
  4. Aqua Dock.
  5. RocketDock.

Is Cairo-Dock good?

When it comes to using an Xfce desktop that has a dock-like behavior, Cairo provides the best (and only viable results), but it’s also super-complicated and there are some outstanding visual issues that you just can’t work around easily.

How do I customize my Gnome dock?

GNOME provides us with some basic customization options in the settings. Navigate to Settings > Appearance to toggle auto-hide, adjust icon size, and choose the position of the dock. There are a lot of options packed into this tool, as it provides granular customization for many aspects of GNOME.

How do I get rid of Cairo-Dock?

Open Synaptic search for cairo-dock and untick both cairo-dock and cairo-dock-plug-ins or from a terminal:

  1. sudo apt-get purge cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins && sudo apt-get autoremove.
  2. sudo dpkg -r cairo-dock-plug-ins_++version++
  3. sudo dpkg -P cairo-dock-plug-ins_++version++
  4. sudo dpkg –force-all –purge package_name.

How do I get rid of Cairo Dock?

How do I add a shortcut to Cairo Dock?

If this is useful as a possible alternative: Right-click Cairo-Dock -> Cairo-Dock -> Configure….Since I just needed the shortcut, I added a custom launcher named “Home” calling Nautilus:

  1. Right-click on the dock -> Add -> Custom launcher.
  2. Name: Home.
  3. Command: nautilus “/home/my_user_name”

Which is the best dock for Linux?

Quick List of the Best Linux Docks That You Must Try

  • Plank Dock – Easiest to use Linux Dock.
  • Avant Window Navigator – Old and most configurable Linux Dock.
  • i3status – Best Linux Dock for command-line fans.
  • lemonbar – Most lightweight Linux Dock.
  • KSmoothDock – Best Linux Dock for KDE users.

How do I enable Gnome dock?

Open the “DConf Editor” app from the application launcher. Search for “dash-to-dock” to access dock settings. You can also manually navigate to “org > gnome > shell> extensions > dash-to-dock” path to access the settings.

How to install Mac theme on Cairo dock?

I’m using Cairo dock with a Mac theme (credit: sean barman ). To install the theme on Cairo dock, right-click anywhere on the dock and select Cairo > Configure. Select Themes, then drag and drop the downloaded file to where it says …or drag and drop a theme package here: then click on Apply.

Where is the dock on a Mac desktop?

The other quite popular component of a Mac desktop is the dock at the bottom that houses all your favorite and currently open apps. The dock is not that hard to replicate though and can even be done on Windows with quite a perfection.

Are there any dock apps similar to macOS?

You might not be running macOS but you’re a GNU/Linux user so you have the option to switch your style up and make your app launcher similar to the dock on macOS. The dock apps here are top-class so don’t blame me if you have a tough time picking one of them. On the plus side, you can use them all! 1. Docky

How to install latte dock on Ubuntu Mint?

To install the latest build of the current Latte Dock on Ubuntu/Linux Mint use the following PPA, but you must have Plasma 5.9.0 desktop environment to install it. 4. Cairo Dock