How can get month name from month number in SQL?

How can get month name from month number in SQL?

Converting month number to month name in SQL

  1. In MySQL, we can use a combination of functions ‘MONTHNAME’ and ‘STR_TO_DATE’ functions to get a month name from a month number.
  2. In SQL SERVER, we can use a combination of functions ‘DATENAME’ and ‘DATEADD’ functions to get a month name from a month number.

How do I get full month name in SQL?

We can use DATENAME() function to get Month name from Date in Sql Server, here we need specify datepart parameter of the DATENAME function as month or mm or m all will return the same result.

How do I get the number of months in SQL?

The EXTRACT() function returns a number which represents the month of the date. The EXTRACT() function is a SQL standard function supported by MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. If you use SQL Server, you can use the MONTH() or DATEPART() function to extract the month from a date.

How do I display 12 months in SQL?

So for your example you could use the following: ;WITH months(MonthNumber) AS ( SELECT 0 UNION ALL SELECT MonthNumber+1 FROM months WHERE MonthNumber < 12 ) select * from months; In my version the months is the name of the result set that you are producing and the monthnumber is the value.

How do you convert a number to a month name?

How to convert month number to month name in Excel

  1. To return an abbreviated month name (Jan – Dec). =TEXT(A2*28, “mmm”) =TEXT(DATE(2015, A2, 1), “mmm”)
  2. To return a full month name (January – December). =TEXT(A2*28, “mmmm”) =TEXT(DATE(2015, A2, 1), “mmmm”) In all of the above formulas, A2 is a cell with a month number.

How do I get Weeknum in SQL?

Here is one of the method to find the monthly week number. In this script, I have used DATEADD function along with EOMONTH function to get the first day of the month for the given date. Then used DATEPART with week parameter to get the yearly week number for the given date and the first day of month.

How do I get last month in SQL?

  1. To Get Last Day 0f Previous Month In SQL Using EOMONTH() The EOMONTH() function returns the last day of the month of a specified date .
  2. SELECT. The SELECT statement is used to select data from a database.
  3. DECLARE. The DECLARE statement initializes a variable by assigning it a name and a data type.
  4. DATEADD()

How to get the name of the month in MySQL?

The MONTHNAME () function returns the name of the month for a given date. Required. The date or datetime value to extract the month name from

How to get the month name from a date?

Its name is MONTHNAME (), and it goes like this: When using ODBC scalar functions in T-SQL, they are surrounded by curly braces ( {}) and the function name is prefixed with fn. If you need to get the short month name, see 5 Ways to Get the Short Month Name from a Date in SQL Server.

When to return 0 in MySQL month function?

MySQL MONTH() returns the MONTH for the date within a range of 1 to 12 ( January to December). It Returns 0 when MONTH part for the date is 0. Syntax:

How to get short month name from date in SQL?

Sometimes when working with SQL Server (or any other DBMS for that matter), you need to return the short name for a month. By this I mean the 3 letter abbreviation of a month. For example, you need “Dec” instead of “December”. Here are four ways you can extract the shortened month name from a date in SQL Server.