EDraw MindMaster: The best online mind mapping companion

EDraw MindMaster: The best online mind mapping companion

Mind-mapping allows users a way to represent their ideas and concepts visually. It helps you in structuring information which acts like a visual thinking tool that aids you in analyzing, synthesizing, comprehending, generating and recalling different ideas.

EDraw MindMaster: The best online mind mapping companion

As amazing as it sounds, brainstorming sessions can be unreliable. In this world where you can think of new ideas every next hour, it has become rather difficult to keep track of your ideas. It leads to wastage of new inventive schemes that who knows, someday might have turned out to become the next big thing.

EDraw MindMaster exists for the sole purpose of eradicating that very possibility. It is easily the best mind mapping software available in the market. This article seats a deep overview of how the software functions and how it can benefit you.

What is EDraw MindMaster?

EDraw MindMaster is a cross-platform software that supports multifunctional mind-mapping. It was created to allow its users to generate professional and informative mind maps for various motives, as per their requirement. These motives consist of something as basic as storing innovative ideas that pop up in your brain to anything as complex as project or business planning.

How does it work?

Initially, you’ll need to visit the company’s website to get your copy of EDraw MindMaster. As stated previously, this software was rolled out keeping all operating systems in contention. Therefore, all you need to do is choose your prime choice of operating system and simply download the program. Install it and you are all set to dive into the superior visual world of EDraw MindMaster.

One of the standpoints of EDraw MindMaster is its unmatched simplicity.  As it was mainly developed to make things easier for its users, you get a friendly user interface which is much like any other Microsoft Office programs. There’s a set of visual elements present at the top that contain various kinds of clip arts, topic choices, pictures, slides and many more useful elements that will help you in creating the perfect mind-map.

EDraw MindMaster: The best online mind mapping companion

It also allows you to differentiate your ideas by letting you choose any color of your choice for any particular block. With a quick color strip present right below the working space, all you need to do is click a color and you’re all set.

For starters, you need to simply select an appropriate template, insert visual elements, customize these elements to properly differentiate your data and dive into demonstrating your data using presentations.

Key  Features

Alongside a professional but friendly user interface, EDraw MindMaster has many other alluring features that are discussed next:

  1. Cross-Platform Functionality: It supports cross-platform mind-mapping which allows both Windows and Mac as well as Ubuntu, Fedora and other users to use it without experiencing any issues. The company also released an online sync feature which lets you sync your saved files across multiple devices.
  2. Rich Templates: EDraw MindMaster has been tuned in with numerous templates, clip arts and vector diagrams that lets users tinker with their ideas in a creative manner. No matter if you aim to visualize your project management schedule or brainstorm schemes to plan your next big social media ad campaign, you’ll find a creative prop to visualize everything.
  3. Cloud Sharing: EDraw MindMaster was planned to ensure it was well suited for individuals who want to work with their team seamlessly. With its Cloud Collaboration feature, you can store your files online with an option of sharing it with your team members and work with them in real time.
  4. Automatic Presentation Creation: Making presentations can be a headache for many. Keeping that in mind, EDraw MindMaster has a unique operability function that auto-creates slides by taking apart your ideas and mind mapping them into different sub-parts. Thus, you can flawlessly change how you want to highlight topics or structure your mind map by just altering their in-built presentation modes.


Precisely speaking, there are four plans designed that boost of various functionalities. Next line follows an abstract of each of these plans:

  1. Free Plan: It contains all basic mind-mapping features but lacks advanced ones like slideshows, team collaboration, etc.
  2. Subscription License ($99 fee): This plan gives you full access of the application with a 1-year upgrade guarantee.
  3. Perpetual License ($179 fee): This plan gives you full access of the application with a 3-year upgrade guarantee.
  4. Lifetime License ($245 fee): This plan gives you full access of the application with a lifetime upgrade guarantee in addition to unlimited email support and 1000M cloud space.

Bottom line

Edraw MindMaster is definitely the best mind-mapping tool out there. With an easy-to-use intuitive user interface and a vast library of enticing visual elements, you get everything you need to visualize your thoughts. There are numerous tutorials to help you get through at the start. All this, with a 30-day money back guarantee is tempting enough to make anyone fall for it.