Can you put cichlids in a planted tank?

Can you put cichlids in a planted tank?

The large cichlids from Africa are not really suitable for a planted aquarium, though. Plants are sparse in their natural habitats, and in the aquarium the fish basically consider them food. Only hard-leaved aquarium plants such as Anubias stand a chance of surviving.

How many demasoni can you keep?

Some hobbyists recommend keeping them in a school of 7 or more and others think at least 10 or 12 or more is needed for better long term success. This is to limit any behavioral issues and spread out any male aggression among the group.

Is pseudotropheus demasoni aggressive?

The demasoni cichlid is an extremely aggressive fish. It shouldn’t be stored with different species of fish. They’re extremely territorial together with being aggressive. They’ll chase away every other fish from the territory they claim, even when the other fish are greater than them.

How can you tell a male from a female demasoni?

The color of both sexes is dark blue with black vertical stripes with alternating lighter stripes of light blue to white. Male Demasoni cichlids have egg-spots on the anal fin, while females may lack egg-spots. Males also grows to a larger maximum size than females.

What cichlids can go in a planted tank?

West African Dwarf Cichlids, like Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher), Transvestitus (Nanochromis transvestitus, Nudiceps (Nanochromis nudiceps), and Taeniatus (Pelvicachromis taeniatus) are all examples of cichlids that do well with plants.

Can Severums be kept in a planted tank?

Ok.. I know you can keep severums in a planted aquarium but heres the deal. I think my 55 would look boring without at least a few plants, Ive been testing out various crap.. anacharis – was fine for about 4 days with them , but I just cought him tearing one up 5 minutes after replanting it.

What Mbuna can I put in with Demasoni?

Mbuna tank mates should be fairly mild mannered, of some of the smaller species and different in pattern to the dark blue vertical stripes of demasoni. Avoid large aggressive species, including most Melanochromis, Labeotropheus and a few Metriaclima like crabro and lombardoi.

What fish can live with Mbuna cichlids?

From my experience, yellow labs and Acei are the best mbunas to keep with other African cichlids including peacocks and haps. With other mbuna types, I would highly recommend keeping them with peacocks and haps that are large and a little more aggressive than them.

Do female cichlids have egg spots?

Most African cichlids have egg spots. These can either be subtle blotches or clear circles. Certain species of synodontis catfish will try to eat the cichlid’s eggs while the couple is breeding.

Will Severums eat my plants?

Severums (pictured above) are herbivorous fish, so view plants as food; that’s why you give them things like cooked peas and spinach alongside the usual flake and pellets. Green terrors are a bit hit-and-miss with plants; while they do like to dig, they don’t normally eat plants.

Are Severums schooling fish?

Small Tetras are typically off-limits because Severums are quite willing to snack on them. However the thick-bodies Black Skirt Tetra reaches up to 2½ inches as an adult and is very safe. Like most Tetras they are schooling and prefer their pH around 6.0-7.0 and elevated temperatures (76-84F).