10 Summer Home Decor Ideas

10 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Decorating for summer is exciting, and it’s a perfect excuse to upgrade your bedroom decor. Summer activities can bring you in and out this season, which means you’ll plenty of spaces for decoration. Adding a few vibrant colors, beach-inspired decoration and light fabrics into your twin size bed are the secrets to a summer bedroom makeover.

With just a few pieces, you can upgrade your comfortable room for the summer season. When it’s time for autumn decoration, some summer-inspired decors can be stashed away. With that, it will keep your decorations fresh when next season is over. Here are ten home decor ideas to make the most of your summer:

1. Bring Coastal Vibes into your Bed

Believe it or not, a new duvet cover can make your bedroom look different in a snap. Even for your custom blankets , you can search for light fabrics such as linen and cotton to make your bedding cozy even when the climate is heating up. Introduce some patterns and colors inspired by the beach, such as blue and white, are great for summer decoration. Even if you want to go into a full-blown coastal theme in your bedroom, you can add tastes of beach style if you work inside your coastal color palette.

If you have thick duvets and flannel sheets, you should replace it with cotton blend sheets and a quilt. Try to go for white quilts. To add comfort on colder nights, you can put one on the bed and a separate folded fresh comforter at the foot of the bed rather than a duvet. You could add a lighter summer weight duvet if you really like the duvets. Add one or two blankets to the bed and one side chair.

Often, a bedroom redesign is not finished without mentioning the bed. Your bed is the first item you look at when you enter the room; thus, it needs to be light and airy. It might be as easy as putting in some new and patterned bed linen. Also, you might want to try buying a new hybrid latex mattress for a totally fresh start. Although some people are having a hard time choosing between Dunlop vs. Talalay, it’s entirely up to your sleep preferences. Having a new mattress with king size dimensions will not only transform your bedroom; it will also have a favorable influence on your life.

2. Put a Few Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are one of the pieces where you can make a summery atmosphere and bring beautiful color and pattern into your bedroom. For summer patterns, you can never go wrong with stripes! Whether it’s awning stripes, pinstripes, or chunky stripes, all of these work amazing in your summer bedroom. Don’t forget to incorporate light blues, turquoise, and navy in your accent pillows for this decor theme.

3. Get Fresh Style with Crafty Summer Accessories

You may just recall summer crafts, but macramé and personalized pieces feel like the perfect match for the summer season. A casual summer style is created by combining handcrafted decor in earth tones and natural fabrics with a boho or contemporary pieces. You can replace the framed paintings with macramé and woven tapestries to add softness and texture to your bedroom.

4. Add a Summery Swag Light

Does your bedroom have a dark corner that needs some additional light? Plugging-in your swag light from resident home goods is a way of adding a few lightings and a lot of style to any space. Swag lighting is a simple way to produce a reading nook or identify a relaxing spot in your bedroom. If your purpose is to light up your summer bedroom, add a swag light is an easy option to do. You can opt for a casual design that allows light to shine through, even though it’s turned off.

5. Consider Tropical Scents in Your Room

Decorating for summer is more than just aesthetics. Tropical and citrus scents will surely set your bedroom for a summer mood. The best way of getting the perfect blend of scents is to choose a few scents in the same product line or brand for your bedroom. For a personalized feel, match your candle holders and humidifiers, even with just one or two scents throughout your house. You could also use a few light sprays into your bed sheets and pillow with a complementing scented linen spray.

6. Choose a Crisp and Classic Blue and White Palette

Females and males are equally attracted to this color palette, so it’s great for common areas. A dark navy paint on the walls is the perfect complement for light blue and white striped bed sheets.

What you can do is to pair the colors together! Combining wide and narrow striped patterns can look smoother and more compelling. This pattern combination will work as long as they have the same color palette rather than having a separate set of stripes.

7. Replace Your Curtains

One of the things you had to get for your summer master bedroom was to change the shades. Even if you love colors, you should go for white curtains if you want to have a light and airy atmosphere. Having white curtains bring plenty of privacy, yet let in plenty of light. As you walk from your hallway into your bedroom, it always seems as if the lamps are on. You will definitely love the natural light.

The simplest way to spruce up every room in natural light. If you’re lucky enough to have two right windows over our bed, you’ll have a good amount of sunlight. However, if your master suite doesn’t have lots of windows, try these ideas to make the most out of the light you’ve got.

  • To let the sun in, use plain or light white curtains.
  • Remove window blinds that might block
  • To help illumination reflect back, add a big mirror into your room.
  • Use light colors in the bedroom wall to give a lot of light.
  • To give the illusion of natural daylight, use light bulbs with a light color temperature around 5000K-6500 K.

8. Add Natural Materials such as Bamboo and Rattan

For summer decor, you won’t get wrong with lightweight textured materials such as rattan, wicker, and bamboo. You might want to add little bamboo side tables that can serve as your hidden storage as well as an additional room for a bedside lamp and fresh flowers. These materials will go well with an earthy coverlet or soft quilt with natural hues. Leave the rest of the decor clean and crisp for a summery look.

9. Bring in Some Greenery

If you’re lucky to have a master suite with a fireplace, you can fill it with summer plants! You can look at a few houseplants that are low maintenance and can get by with low light. If you have a black thumb, unfortunately, you can get some lovely fake plants, and no one will know the difference. Moreover, pothos plant can work amazingly with just rays of sunlight from the window.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Paint the Floors

When you have lots of wear and tear on your walls, why don’t you paint them for a new look? White is airy and clean, while a darker shade looks cool and welcoming in summer. You can keep layered patterns of your 12×15 area rugs to complement the decor by ensuring that they are in the same color palette.