Why is Cuttlebug being discontinued?

Why is Cuttlebug being discontinued?

Why is Cricut discontinuing Cuttlebug? Cricut is committed to making amazing products that expand the creative possibilities for all of our members. As we continue to come out with new products, sometimes we have to make hard decisions about existing product lines that we can no longer support.

Can you use sizzix plates in Cuttlebug?

Anything that fits in the Big Shot from Sizzix will fit in the Cuttlebug with the right cut plates.

When did the Cricut cuttlebug come out?

The blue Cricut Cuttlebug Embosser and Die Cutter is available now for pre-order from, and will be available for purchase on November 1 from, and multiple retailers for a suggested retail price of $99.99.

What is the Cuttlebug C plate used for?

This C Adapter Plate allows your Cuttlebug machine to work effectively and efficiently with Cuttlebug and other thin dies. This adapter plate is designed to work with Platform A and Cutting Plates B.

Can a cuttlebug cut vinyl?

I recently dusted off my Cricut Cuttlebug and decided, why not! If it can cut paper then it should be able to cut vinyl. The Cricut Cuttlebug is an embossing machine. There is usually a handle on the side that you turn as different cutting plates and embossing folders go through it.

What replaced the Cricut Cuttlebug?

Update: Sadly, the Cricut Cuttlebug has been discontinued by Cricut. The Sizzix Big Shot is still one of my favorite manual die cutting machines but another great alternative is the Spellbinders Platinum.

What is the difference between Cuttlebug and Cricut?

What can I cut? With both machines, you can cut a variety of materials from thin foam to chipboard. The only difference is the Cuttlebug is limited to material 1/8″ in depth, while the Cricut Explore can cut deeper using the deep cut blade.

What is the difference between Cuttlebug B plate and C plate?

Hello, A & B pads are used for embossing (raised images) C pad is used for cutting. The Cuttlebug does bring instructions and you can use You tube for instructions as well.

Is the Cricut cuttlebug machine the same as the original?

The Cricut Cuttlebug machine is an embossing and die cut machine by Cricut. There are two versions out there, but I will be focusing on the newer V2 model in this review. The original version and V2 version work exactly the same. They use exactly the same plates, folders, and dies. The only differences are to the outside body design.

What can you do with the cuttlebug machine V2?

Create and design a variety of projects with the Cuttlebug Machine V2. This crafting tool comes with cutting boards and a 5″ x 7″ folder. The Cuttlebug embossing machine can be used to create personal cards, letters, scrapbook pages and much more. This tool was created in a new design that utilizes a rolling technology.

How do you embosse a Cricut cuttlebug folder?

These A2 and 5″ x 7″ embossing folders are specially designed with a gap in the folder hinge so that you can emboss longer strips of material. Just place the material inside the embossing folder and run it through the Cuttlebug machine as normal. Then slip the embossed portion through the gap in the hinge.

How big is a Cricut cuttlebug in inches?

Cricut Cuttlebug™ machine (3.69″ tall x 16.10″ wide x 7.30″ deep. 5.25 lbs) A Plate – Spacer (approx.13mm – 0.5″ thick) Two B Plates – Cutting (approx. 3mm – 0.12″ thick each) One A2 embossing folder and two metal dies; One 6″ x 8″ Rubber Embossing Mat (approx. 2mm – 0.09″ thick)