Who was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 90s?

Who was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 90s?

Randall Cunningham
Regular season

Season(s) Quarterback(s)
1990 Randall Cunningham (16)
1991 Jim McMahon (11) / Jeff Kemp (2) / Brad Goebel (2)/ Randall Cunningham (1)
1992 Randall Cunningham (15) / Jim McMahon (1)
1993 Bubby Brister (8) / Ken O’Brien (4) / Randall Cunningham (4)

Who was the Eagles quarterback after Michael Vick?

Can you name the Philadelphia Eagles starting Quarterbacks – 1970-2017?

Year(s) Player % Correct
1999-2009 Donovan McNabb 97.6%
2016-2018 Carson Wentz 96.4%
2010-2013 Michael Vick 94.8%
1985-1995 Randall Cunningham 92.7%

Who was the quarterback for the Eagles 1970?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Norm Snead 181 for 335, 2,323 yards, 15 td, 20 int, & 18 rushes for 35 yards and 3 td
RB Lee Bouggess 159 rushes for 401 yards, 2 td, & 50 catches for 401 yards and 2 td
FB Cyril Pinder 166 rushes for 657 yards, 2 td, & 28 catches for 249 yards and 0 td

Who is the best Eagles QB of all time?

Featuring some of the greatest Philadelphia Eagles and NFL quarterbacks of all time, the best Eagles QBs include Super Bowl champion Nick Foles, as well as Donovan McNabb, Ron Jaworski, Michael Vick, Norm Van Brocklin, and Randall Cunningham, among many other NFL greats.

Who is the greatest Eagles QB of all time?

The Top 5 Quarterbacks in Philadelphia Eagles History

  1. Donovan McNabb. Eagles QB: 1999–2009.
  2. Nick Foles. Eagles QB: 2012–14 and 2017–18.
  3. Randall Cunningham. Eagles QB: 1985–95.
  4. Tommy Thompson. Eagles QB: 1941–50.
  5. Ron Jaworski. Eagles QB: 1977–86. Drafted: Second-round pick by the Rams in the 1973 NFL Draft out of Youngstown State.

Who wore number 7 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

No. 7 was worn last year by Nate Sudfeld, who is currently a free agent. It’s been worn over the years by several notable Eagles quarterbacks – Ron Jaworski, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick – and also by Ken O’Brien, Bobby Hoying and Sam Bradford. Wide receiver Quez Watkins, who wore No.

Has a rookie QB ever won the Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever reached the Super Bowl in the game’s 55 years, let alone win it. But Jones, who won a national championship at Alabama last season, has a lot of believers, especially after his performance in three preseason games.

Who is the first black quarterback in the NFL?

In 1968, Broncos Marlin Briscoe became first black starting QB in pro football history. Marlin Briscoe. Credit: UNO Athletics from Lincoln Journal Star. Black quarterbacks aren’t likely associated with the Denver Broncos.

Who was Eagles QB for Super Bowl?

Nick Foles
Nick Foles stepped in for the injured Carson Wentz to lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl. And Foles beat Tom Brady to win that Super Bowl.

Who is #1 on Eagles?

Jalen Hurts

Player No Weight
Jalen Hurts 1 223
Tarron Jackson 75 254
Lane Johnson 65 325
Patrick Johnson 48 248

Who is #6 on the Eagles?

DeVonta Smith
DeVonta Smith is officially bringing his No. 6 jersey to the Eagles.

What was the Philadelphia Eagles record in 1990?

The 1990 Philadelphia Eagles season was the team’s 58th in the National Football League. The team made the postseason yet again with a 10–6 overall record, despite beginning the season with disappointing early-season records of 1–3 and 2–4.

Who are the starting quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles?

These quarterbacks have started at least one game for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. They are listed in order of the date of each player’s first start at quarterback for the Eagles. The number of games they started during the season is listed to the right:

Where did the Eagles pick in the 1990 NFL Draft?

The 1990 NFL Draft was held April 22–23, 1990. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season. Under the rules of the draft at the time, the Eagles would pick 24th or 25th in each full round.

Who was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933?

The number of games they started during the season is listed to the right: Season (s) Quarterback (s) 1933 Red Kirkman (8) / Dick Thornton (1) 1934 Red Kirkman (7) / Jim Leonard (4) 1935 Stumpy Thomason (7) / Red Kirkman (1) / 1936 Jim Leonard (10) / Glenn Frey (2)