Who is the manufacturer of the Brno rifle?

Who is the manufacturer of the Brno rifle?

The company Zbrojovka Brno builds on the famous tradition of the armament production in Brno as a subsidiary of Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod. The high-quality products of Zbrojovka Brno s.r.o. in the product range BRNO RIFLES are offered through the distribution network of Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod, including spare parts.

What makes the FK BRNO field pistol so special?

To find out what makes the FK Field Pistol so special, head over to our FK BRNO page. From our family to yours Merry Christmas. #perfect First ram taken in North America with an FK BRNO P

What kind of craftsmanship does FK Brno have?

Brno has long been renown worldwide for top quality craftsmanship in firearms manufacturing. FK BRNO continues this tradition and supports the good name of Brno in the world of marksmanship. Copyright © 2021, FK BRNO – All Rights Reserved.

Is the CZ 550 the same as Brno rifles?

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Which is the newest brand of CZ rifles?

The Brno Rifles line is the newest brand in the CZ-USA family. Brno Rifles is a high end line of fixed breach firearms from the historic arms manufacturing plant in Brno, Czech Republic. Over/Under rifles, shotguns, combo guns and the single shot Effect are among the first models to be released in the Brno Rifles line.

What did Brno rifles do in World War 2?

Under German occupation during WWII, the Brno Rifles plant produced arms for both the Third Reich and the Czecho-Slovak resistance. During the Warsaw Pact period, the plant became part of the Czecho-Slovak National Enterprise.

What kind of rifle is the Brno stopper?

BRNO STOPPER O/U Double Rifle, .458 WinMag The Brno Stopper is an Over/Under double rifle chambered in .458 Win. Mag. for Africa’s most dangerous game.