Where does Onur Air fly to and from?

Where does Onur Air fly to and from?

Onur ‘s fleet of aircraft (mostly Airbus) has been flying tour groups to and from Germany and Switzerland since 1992 in association with Ten Tour, a major Turkish tour operator. In the last few years Onur has been expanding its Turkish domestic flights. Its routes from Istanbul include flights to:

How many passengers have been carried by Onur Air?

Onur Air has carried more than 105 million passengers safely since 1992. Although the company operates in one of the most challenging and cyclical business environment, Onur Air has always managed to overcome any kind of possible bottlenecks and adverse circumstances by its skilled and experienced staff.

Which is the largest plane used by Onur Air?

Onur Air’s largest aircraft is the Airbus A330-200 with a total passenger capacity of 358. Onur Air flies to over 50 destinations in more than 10 countries, with domestic flights within Turkey and across Europe and Asia.

Onur Air is a Turkish low-cost airline headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Onur Air flies to many destinations across Asia and Europe, reaching over 50 destinations across more than 10 countries. The airline is based at Istanbul Airport (IST) and has a secondary base at Antalya Airport.

Is the airline Onur a member of IATA?

Onur is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Over the past 25 years, the airline has carried more than 90 million passengers.

How big is the fleet of Onur Air?

The fleet size of Onur Air reached 7 aircraft, and the number of employees to 512 personnel. The fleet size of Onur Air reached 16 aircraft, and the number of employees to 912 personnel. Onur Air reduced its fleet size to 13 aircraft due to economic problems that hit the Turkish economy.

Where did Onur Air Land in New York?

The first aircraft of Onur Air, which has departed to the U.S.A. with medical equipment on board, landed on the New York John F.Kennedy International Airport, today (May 22) at 09:15, local time in Turkey. From this section you can convert your booking sales.