When did the first issue of Sabagebu come out?

When did the first issue of Sabagebu come out?

Sabagebu! (さばげぶっ! , Sabagebu!? lit. Survival Game Club!) is a Japanese manga series written by Hidekichi Matsumoto, serialized under Kodansha’s shojo manga magazine “Nakayoshi” starting its January 2011 issue, and is finished as of December 1st 2016

Who are the main characters in the Sabagebu series?

Momoka Sonokawa | Sabagebu! Wiki | Fandom?) is the main character of the Sabagebu! series, she is a first year high school student who was later dragged into the Sabage Club, a club that conducts survival games. Momoka is a normal-looking girl, appearing to lack any special skills.

Who is the middle school girl in Sabagebu?

(サバイバル ゲーム 部 Sabaibaru Gēmu-Bu) or often abbreviated as Sabagebu! (さばげぶっ) Middle school girl Momoka is dragged into joining one of the strangest associations at her school, the Survival Game Club.

What does Momoka do at the end of Sabagebu?

In response, Momoka puts mountains of tacks in their shoes, smashes their desks to pieces, throws their bags in the school incinerator, and then cuts up their uniform skirts for good measure. And this is after they apologized, mind.

Where does the TV series Sabagebu take place?

Sabagebu! Taking place at Aogiri Academy, the series follows a group of female high school students and their daily lives in a survival game club.

Who is the director of Sabagebu the anime?

The anime adaptation of Sabagebu! is produced by studio Pierrot+ and Bandai Visual under the “Sabagebu!” Production Committee, that aired in summer 2014. The director is Masahiko Ōta and the series composition is handled by Takashi Aoshima. 松本ひで吉『さばげぶっ!

How many volumes are there of Sabagebu manga?

Written and drawn by Hidekichi Matsumoto, Sabagebu! (さばげぶっ!) is a comedy series serialized in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine from 2010 to 2016 (which technically makes it a Shoujo series, strangely enough). It has been compiled in nine volumes, and an animated adaptation by Pierrot+ aired during the Summer 2014 Anime season.