What was the yield of synthesis of aspirin?

What was the yield of synthesis of aspirin?

After the limiting reactant was determined, the theoretical yield of aspirin was calculated at approximately 1.97g. The actual yield was only around 0.67g, producing a percent yield of 34.3%. These results show that the methods used were only partially successful at achieving the goal of the experiment (synthesising aspirin).

What kind of diterpenes are in ent-kaurene?

ent -Kaurene is a precursor, in turn, of many other structural types of diterpenes. These include enmeins from Lamiaceae (Labiatae), gibberellic acids (found in all plants and in some fungi), and grayanotoxins, extremely poisonous compounds from the family Ericaceae.

What are the biological effects of ENT-kaurane?

The biological activity of medicinal plants, such as exhibiting antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, diuretic, anti-HIV, and cytotoxic effects, can sometimes be attributed in part to the presence of ent -kaurane diterpenoid constitutes [86]. There were ca. 60 ent -kauranes isolated from the Annonaceous plants [13, 87-109].

Which is the first ENT-kaurane isolated from a plant?

T1 was the first ent -kaurane isolated from Formosan Annonaceous plant ( A. squamosa and A. glabra) [93, 100]. Today, we have isolated 43 ent -kauranes (including 15 new compounds) from Annona and Rollinia specie ( Table 13 ). The NMR spectrum data and biological activities will be discussed herein. SP1. SP2. SP3. Noboru Murofushi,

What are the steps in the recrystallization of aspirin?

Synopsis. The main procedures are preparation of aspirin, recrystallisation of aspirin and lastly determining the melting point of the aspirin. For preparation of Aspirin, acetic anhydride is added to the measured amount of salicylic acid. Sulphuric acid is added and heated for a short period to complete reaction.

How to make aspirin with acetic anhydride?

In a 125-mL erlenmeyer flask, add 2 g salicylic acid (put the flask on the balance, and zero it). In the hood, carefully add 5 mL of acetic anhydride (severe irritant, handle carefully) to the flask. Slowly add about 10 drops of 85% phosphoric acid (H 3 PO 4 ). Stir the mixture with a stirring rod.

How do you make aspirin with methyl salicylate?

Add methyl salicylate (4 mL) and 6 M sodium hydroxide (40 mL) to a beaker and stir. Heat with occasional stirring until mixture reaches a gentle boil. Continue gentle boil for 15 minutes. During heating, wash solid from the sides of the beaker with a little distilled water.