What is super safeguard?

What is super safeguard?

Super Safeguard is an Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF) which can hold an individual’s superannuation if they lose contact with their original fund or their super account becomes otherwise inactive.

What is the trustee for Super directions fund?

N.M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited
The trustee of the Fund is N.M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited ABN 31 008 428 322 (NM Super).

How long should a super rollover take?

Transferring your super They generally take three days to send your request electronically to your nominated super fund. Some super funds may contact you to verify the information provided or to seek further information before processing the request for transfer.

Is SuperTrace legitimate?

What is SuperTrace? SuperTrace is an Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF), USI 73 703 878 235 251. An ERF is a super fund that looks after small and ‘lost’ or unclaimed super benefits transferred to it by other superannuation funds. The main purpose of SuperTrace is to reunite members with their superannuation.

What is a commonwealth rollover fund?

Commonwealth Rollover Fund policies are individual deferred annuity policies for which The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited (CMLA) ABN 12 004 021 809, a registered life insurance company, is the insurer.

How does an eligible rollover Super account work?

Eligible rollover funds are designed to safeguard funds within inactive or low-balance super accounts – here’s how they work.

How does an ERF work in a super fund?

ERFs exist to manage small, lost or inactive super balances, or balances that belong to individuals no longer eligible for membership of their original fund. Compare Super Funds. In the majority of cases, a member’s super balance is transferred to an ERF without them being consulted.

Are there any fees with a super fund?

Many super funds charge various fees in return for holding and investing your money, so if your super balance is low to begin with and you become unemployed (and unable to make super contributions), said fees could end up completely eating away at your balance.

Can a super fund be transferred into a Canstar account?

If your super balance is currently in an ERF and you’re looking for a great-value super fund to transfer it into, you can compare super funds with Canstar to help you find one that is best suited to you.