What is Mahila cell?

What is Mahila cell?

The Women Cell is constituted to help maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the Institute, to enable women to pursue their work with dignity and reassurance. One of the Women cells’ mandate is to prevent gender discrimination and inappropriate sexual conduct.

What is Mahila Helpline number?

Women Helpline

Name Phone No
Women Helpline 1091

How do I complain about a female cell?

How can I file a complaint before the National Commission for Women? A person intending to file a complaint before the National Commission for women may do so by making a complaint on the official website of the Commission under the section of ‘register online complaints’.

What is female harassment?

It is defined as an unwelcome behavior of sexual nature. It is unlawful to harass a person (an applicant or an employee) because of that person’s sex. Harassment can include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

How does Mahila helpline work?

The Scheme of Universalisation of Women Helpline was initiated by the Government of India which is intended to give 24 hours immediate and emergency response to women affected by the violence, both in private and public spaces.

What is the work of Mahila police?

In July 2019, the government appointed around 15,000 women in the village and ward secretariats under Grama Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi/Ward Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi plan and they were given 15 responsibilities such as reporting crime and law and order issues to local police station house officer, sensitising …

How does a female cell work?

1. To fulfill the directive of the Supreme Court of India enjoining all employees to develop and implement a policy against Sexual harassment of women at work place 2. To prevent gender discrimination and sexual harassment by promoting gender equality amongst all University employees 3.

What is the work of Mahila Aayog?

It is legalized forum and upon such directions of them dose the police register an appropriate complaint You can also lodge a complaint at the mahila police station u/s5 of the Protection of women from domestic violence and seek many legal reliefs. …

Which is the contact number of Mahila Ayog?

The address and contact number of Mahila Ayog is also used for Mahila Ayog address in Thane, Mahila Ayog address, Rashtriya Mahila Ayog address, Mahila Ayog divorce, Mahila Ayog contact number, Mahila Ayog recruitment, Mahila Ayog adalat and Mahila Ayog jobs.

Who is the SHO of Mahila thana police station?

Shivshankar Kumar, Sub Inspector and SHO, Mahila Thana, Arwal PS compound, Main Road, Arwal, Phone 9431822265, 8002233997]

Who is the petitioner in NCT Delhi CAW cell case?

In a Delhi High Court Judgement by J. S.N. Aggarwal in a case between Smt. Jasbir Kaur and the Govt. of NCT Delhi, the petitioner asking for abolishing of the CAW Cells, the court while disposing of the petition remarked that

Can a CAW cell take suo motu action?

CAW Cells cannot take suo-motu action that means that the complainant has to visit the Cell and give her complaint in writing. After receiving a complaint, CAW cell examines the alleged offences followed by counselling session of the complainant.