What happened to Wakestock?

What happened to Wakestock?

In 2016 the festival was cancelled again. Organisers said, “It isn’t necessarily the case that Wakestock will never happen again but a significant level of investment in terms of time and money will need to take place ……Wakestock (Wales)

Years active 2000–2014
Founded by Mark Durston

Why was wakestock Cancelled?

This year the event has been officially postponed. A posting on the Wakestock website says the scheduled dates in August conflicted with other events and apologizes to partners and participants.

Where is Wakestock Festival held?

Llŷn Peninsula
Wakestock is a wakeboarding and music festival held in Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales every year.

Is Abersoch North or South Wales?

Abersoch is a pretty seaside village on the South side of Llyn Peninsula, North West Wales. It’s beaches and shore line run along Tremadog Bay which is a large inlet of Cardigan Bay which is defined by the Cambrian and Llyn coast.

Why is abersoch so popular?

Only a stonethrow away from Snowdonia, Abersoch is home to one of the most popular beaches across wales on the Llŷn Peninsula. Perfect for lounging on the beautiful golden sand, the sea also provides a first-class water sports venue right on your door step making it excellent for wind-surfing and sailing.

Is Abersoch beach safe?

About Abersoch Beach The beach is considered to be “safe” with no severe currents or rips in normal conditions and a motor boat exclusion zone provides a secure area for bathers. The beach is a renowned centre for sailing and watersports and the town hosts an annual summer jazz festival, a regatta and music festival.

Is Abersoch worth visiting?

Abersoch is a bustling seaside village full of trendy shops, cafes, restaurants and bars – a must-visit whilst on the Llyn Peninsula and a mecca for many water sport enthusiasts. It is home to the very popular annual wakeboarding festival Wakestock.

Is Abersoch nice?

Located on the postcode backdrop of the Llŷn Peninsula river, Abersoch truly offers the best of both worlds as a peaceful retreat or a vibrant resort throughout the year which is holiday goers continue to flock for weekend and short breaks and why Abersoch was named as one of best places to live in Wales in 2017.

Can you swim in Abersoch?

Abersoch is a popular seaside resort on the Llyn Peninsula about 7 miles southwest of Pwllheli. It takes its name from the Afon Soch River which feeds into the harbour at the south end of the beach. The beach is considered safe for swimming and bathing with no waves, currents or rips in normal conditions.

Why is abersoch famous?

Are there toilets at Abersoch beach?

The beach is considered safe for swimming and bathing with no waves, currents or rips in normal conditions. There is a beach café, toilets and a slipway for boats with shops and pubs in the village nearby. Services include beach huts which are available for rent.

How old is Abersoch?

The structure is mostly late 15C to early 16C. It was popular as a place of pilgrimage in the Medieval Ages along with the Abbey of St. Mary on Ennli, with which it has connections. There are 2 lines of raised latin inscription above the west doorway recording the building of the tower in 1534.

When does Wakestock music festival start and end?

Featuring some of the best names in rock, indie, pop, dance, and rap as well as a gnarly Pool Gap (which allows wakeboarders to show off their skills during the festival!), it takes place on the first weekend of July.

When was the last time Wakestock was cancelled?

In February 2015 it was announced on Twitter and Facebook that the festival would not be held that year, but would return for 2016. In 2016 the festival was cancelled again.

Where are the main sites of Wakestock in Wales?

The festival was split over three sites – the main festival site at Penrhos, Pwllheli Marina hosts the main wakeboard competition and Abersoch Bay hosts the Big Air Classic competition. The festival prides itself as being at the foot of the Snowdonia Mountains and looks out over Cardigan Bay.

Where was the largest wakeboard music festival in Europe held?

Wakestock was Europe’s largest wakeboard music festival, combining the cultures of music and wakeboarding. It was held on the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales, in between Pwllheli and Llanbedrog .