What does it mean bandy legged?

What does it mean bandy legged?

Bandy-legged is used to describe someone with bandy legs—a condition in which the legs curve outward, causing the knees to point outward. The condition known as bandy legs can also be called bowleg or bow legs (in which the word bow is a reference to the type of curve seen in a bow—the kind used to shoot arrows).

What does bow legged mean slang?

not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition.

What does Bundy mean in slang?

Definition of ‘bundy’ 1. a time clock.

Is Bundy a word?

noun, plural bun·dies.

Does cute mean bow legged?

The word “cute,” back in the days when it was short for “acute,” meant shrewd or perceptive or calculating (though it has also meant bow-legged!). “Cute” in the sense in which we use it today was considered schoolboy slang in the 19th century.

Why do men walk bow legged?

Rickets. Rickets is a condition resulting from prolonged vitamin D deficiency. This softens and weakens the bones, causing the legs to bow.

What is a Bundee?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a small often crooked Australian tree (Eucalyptus elaeophora) with pendulous branches. bundy. noun (2) \ ” \

What is a Bundy and Coke?

Bundaberg Rum & Cola Can (375ml) £2.85. 0. This is the definitive Australian take on the classic rum and cola combo. This exemplary brew combines the familiar, strong and smooth taste of Bundaberg rum, buoyed by the effervescent sweetness of fine cola.

What kind of magazine does the AKM come with?

The AKM comes supplied with a different accessory kit that contains a M1959 6X4 or 6X3-type bayonet and comes with synthetic or steel magazines. Both the 6X3 and 6X4 bayonet blade forms a wire-cutting device when coupled with its scabbard.

What’s the difference between an AK and an AKM?

The AKM is actually a late 60s modification of the AK, which, itself went through three successive Mark overhauls before the AKM actually replaced it. AKM has a modified firing mechanism, whose chief component of note, is a hammer retarder to prevent the firing pin going forward until the shell is entirely in the breech.

Is the AKM barrel a left handed barrel?

To my knowledge, the AKM’s barrel is the only AK barrel to feature such a left-handed thread for its muzzle-break. An adapter nut can be fitted to other rifles, but they don’t work very well because of the tendency to unwind.

What does the m in the AK 47 stand for?

This was created as an improvement of the original AK-47 design. The letter M in the name “AKM” stands for Modernizirovanniy, which is the Russian word for “modernized.”. The AKM design was developed in the 1950s and finally was approved for full production in 1959.