What can you do with a 50mm lens?

What can you do with a 50mm lens?

The high speed and wide aperture of a 50mm lens can also provide shallow depth of field. This gives you huge creative scope to blur out backgrounds and focus attention on your main subject. 50mm lenses also give attractive out-of-focus highlights (also known as bokeh).

How do I take better pictures with 50mm?

Table of Contents

  1. Don’t Get Too Close.
  2. Check Your Camera’s Focusing Motor.
  3. Shoot In Wide Open Spaces.
  4. Know Your Maximum and Minimum Aperture.
  5. Master Bokeh.
  6. Don’t Limit Yourself to f/1.8.
  7. Choose the Right Aperture.
  8. Watch Where You Place Your Focus.

Is a 50 mm lens good?

50mm lenses can produce high-quality photos which can often rival the quality of much more expensive professional-grade lenses. Compare a 50mm lens to a typical standard zoom lens and you will see a sharper, higher-contrast image with the 50mm lens.

What does 50 mm mean on a lens?

Most human eyes focus at or near 50 millimeters, so that means that the focal point of your eyes is 50 millimeters away from your face.

What’s the best use for a 50mm lens?

5 Creative Uses for the Super Versatile 50mm Lens 1 Close-up shots. We are not talking macro close-up here of course but you can get pretty close for a normal lens. 2 Silhouettes. I used to be rather panicked when shooting silhouettes on the fly. 3 Portraits. 4 Night photography. 5 Travel and picture-scapes.

What’s the ISO for a portrait at 50mm?

A very simple portrait at 50mm, f/1.8, ISO 200 and 1/400. Even at 1.8 you can see the trees and foliage melt away into a beautiful abstract background. You have to be careful to get your focus point right though, as you can see the more distant eye is out of focus. You need to make the nearer eye the focus point.

Can a 50mm lens be used on an APS-C?

A 50mm lens on an APS-C camera is equivalent to a 75mm lens, which is more in the telephoto range. If you already have a 50, don’t worry: the 50mm lens on APS is great for portraits! And everything here about 50mm lenses on full-frame cameras is true of 35mm lenses on crop-frame ones.

What’s the average aperture of a 50mm lens?

The 50mm prime on average allows an aperture around f /1.4 on a mid ranged price lens, f /1.8 on the cheaper ones and f /1.2 on the pro series. This allows for some seriously creative shots with a very shallow depth-of-field. The sharpness of these lenses are amazing.