What are the SkyTrain stations in Burnaby?

What are the SkyTrain stations in Burnaby?

Burnaby SkyTrain Station Condos

  • Patterson Station (within 10 minute walk)
  • Metrotown Station (within 10 minute walk)
  • Royal Oak Station (within 10 minute walk)
  • Edmonds Station (within 10 minute walk)
  • Lougheed Station (within 10 minute walk)

How many SkyTrain stations are there in Vancouver?

53 stations
There are 53 stations on the SkyTrain system. 20 stations are served exclusively by the Expo Line, 14 exclusively by the Millennium Line, 15 exclusively by the Canada Line, 1 by both the Expo and Canada Lines, and 3 by both the Expo and Millennium Lines.

Where is the SkyTrain in Vancouver?

British Columbia
Canada Line – SkyTrain/Province

How much is a taxi from airport to downtown Vancouver?

What does a taxi cost from Vancouver airport to downtown Vancouver hotels? Usually about $25 to $30. Travel time is about 30 minutes.

Does SkyTrain have a driver?

The light rail routes connect downtown Vancouver to Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and Surrey, accounting for 350,000 transit trips each work day in Metro Vancouver. …

Can you eat on SkyTrain?

Familiarize yourself with the exit routes and location of onboard emergency equipment. Keep noise (including conversations, phone calls, and personal music devices) to a minimum. Please don’t eat or drink on board.

How do you pay for the sky train?

To travel on SkyTrain, SeaBus, or West Coast Express, you’ll need a Compass Card, Compass Ticket, or to pay using your contactless credit card or mobile wallet (Tap-to-Pay).

Where is the Expo Line in downtown Vancouver?

The Expo Line operates two routes, one between Waterfront Station (Downtown Vancouver) and King George Station (Surrey) and the second between Waterfront Station (Downtown Vancouver) and Production Way–University Station (Burnaby).

Where are the Expo stations on the LA Metro?

Metro E Line (Expo) Station Address Expo/Vermont 1043 Exposition Bl LA, CA 90007 Expo/Western 1573 Exposition Bl LA, CA 90018 Expo/Crenshaw 3428 Exposition Bl LA, CA 90018 Farmdale 4420 Exposition Bl LA, CA 90016

Where are the SkyTrain stations in Vancouver BC?

There are three main routes: the Expo Line, Millennium Line and Canada Line. The Expo Line travels between Waterfront station in Downtown Vancouver and Columbia station in New Westminster, serving the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster.

Where does the Canada Line connect to the Expo Line?

Waterfront station is the only station where the Canada Line directly connects with the Expo Line; however, Vancouver City Centre station is within a three-minute walk from Granville station via the Pacific Centre mall, making an unofficial transfer to the Expo Line.