Utopia – Private Messenger And Counter Surveillance Toolkit

Utopia – Private Messenger And Counter Surveillance Toolkit

Now information transfer is a vital part of our lives. Businesses, software developers, and law institutions make enormous revenue of the data users leave on the web. And actually, we legally support it when using our basic apps like browsers, messengers, emails, online services. When downloading programs or joining one more social platform, we accept the Privacy rules we barely read to the end.

Up-to-date apps observe and analyze all actions you perform when running their platforms. Consequently, leading browsers control your history of searches, and that can be used for law investigations. Even if you have nothing to hide, social websites analyze your behavior to enhance the manipulations of Internet ads on you. When you enter a mobile bank via free Wi-fi, fraudsters have lots of opportunities to reach your bank details. This proves that poor security often leads to money and data loss.

If you aim to be in control of your private life, pay attention to encrypted apps. Utopia is a feature-rich toolkit, including private messenger and other essentials for secure web experience. Explore the details below!

5 Reasons Utopia is a breakthrough private messenger

The growing number of security-conscious individuals run Utopia owing to the following benefits it provides:

  1. Superior encryption. The encryption system is the most modern and proven today. The Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES hide the data users transfer via texts, media, emails, voice records, etc. Only a recipient can decrypt the content of messages.
  2. Decentralization. Utopia operates without a central data storehouse. This network pattern guarantees that third-parties can’t interfere with the user’s data. Also, security breaches are hardly imaginable. Information, media shifts, and transactions occur directly between a sender and a recipient.
  3. Confidentiality. Users never reveal their persona if they don’t want to. There is no need to connect the service to a phone, email, and even mention your name. Alternatively to traditional nicknames,’ the system generates internal keys serving as an ID.
  4. Cross-functional. There is no need to download extra apps since the necessary tools provide all possible ways of communication and payment in crypto. Begin using the Hybrid mode to run several tools, like messenger, email, wallet, using the same dashboard.
  5. Easy mining. Users obtain local coins Crypton for the time they spend online. Activate the Mining tool whenever you communicate and profit!

Toolkit description

Utopia – Private Messenger And Counter Surveillance Toolkit

uMessenger. The local chatting room is a safe space to exchange text messages, media files, and communicate with several users. Fighting the analogs, uMessenger encrypts group chats by default despite the number of participants. Funny stickers and games will engage you in communication even more!

uMail. The domestic email is designed for transporting encrypted emails and files beyond the Utopia network. Have in mind the point you can exchange emails only with users who are registered on Utopia. You can plan Templates the email you write every day and save them to drafts.

Idyll. The local web searcher aims to defend the inside browsing. Thus, you can just explore webpages hosted inside the Utopia environment. This tool, comparing to conventional services, never handles metadata, the history of search, payment info. Surely, it is ad-free. Also, you can design a website on several steps and for free.

uWallet. The integrated crypto tool is multi-purpose. It supports card issuing, transfers of tokens between users, and purchasing in crypto. Operations occur within several minutes. Furthermore, Utopia has developed the merchant’s interface so that you can trade boundlessly!

To top it all, Utopia is a private toolset for individuals who strive to avoid online espionage and data leakage. The tools are proven and free of charge – install and enjoy the freedom of speech!