Is there any movie of Zatch Bell?

Is there any movie of Zatch Bell?

The first was Zatch Bell: 101st Devil, released in 2004. Discotek Media released both movies on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in North America on March 27, 2018….Zatch Bell Movie 2: Attack of Mechavulcan.

Zatch Bell: Attack of Mechavulcan
Directed by Takuya Igarashi
Screenplay by Aya Matsui
Based on Zatch Bell! by Makoto Raiku

Is Zatch Bell on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll announced the addition of more dubbed episodes for both Zatch Bell! and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. The episode batches will be available for both series today at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Where can I watch Gash Bell?

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Where can I watch Konjiki no Gash Bell?


  • 9Anime.
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  • Is Zatch Bell over?

    Zatch Bell! ended in December 2007. Shogakukan sent Raiku back his original manga artwork.

    Is there Zatch Bell Season 4?

    Your score has been saved for Zatch Bell! Summary: Every one thousand years, one hundred mamodos (demons) descend upon earth to conduct the ultimate battle. The winning mamodo becomes the mighty king of the mamodo world….Zatch Bell!: Season 4.

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    Who defeated Bari in Zatch Bell?

    During the fight, Keith reveals that he beat Bari in the last contest they had, a Potato Tempura eating contest. Both he and Keith survive, however.

    Which is the last episode of Zatch Bell?

    Decisive Battle Against Faudo! The Golden Radiance. The Kind King
    Zatch Bell!/Latest episode

    How can I watch Zatch Bell Season 4?

    Season 4, Episode 21 of Zatch Bell! is available to watch and stream on Cartoon Network. You can also buy, rent Zatch Bell! on demand at Apple TV online.

    When did the first Zatch Bell movie come out?

    The first film, Zatch Bell!: 101st Devil, was released in Japanese theaters on August 7, 2004, and released on DVD on December 15, 2004. The movie tells the story of a mamodo named Wiseman who steals a mysterious white spell book in order to participate in the Mamodo battles in order to become the Mamodo King.

    Who is the director of Zatch Bell Attack of Mechavulcan?

    Zatch Bell: Attack of Mechavulcan Directed by Takuya Igarashi Produced by Hiromi Seki Kazuyoshi Seki Masakazu Kubo Screenplay by Aya Matsui Based on Zatch Bell! by Makoto Raiku

    Who are the voice actors for Zatch Bell?

    The voice work is just about perfect, expect a majority of secondary characters to be voiced by Crispin Freeman and Michelle Ruff. If anyone’s curious about the aspect ratio listed as 1.77:1; the actual episodes are 4:3 but other content on the DVD like the menu and the intro animation is widescreen.

    How many episodes are in Zatch Bell season 3?

    There are actually 104 dubbed episodes but only 100 on this 2 disc set. I wish they would release a subtitled version of Zatch Bell Season 3 for the USA. The Japanese version is a bit different but still not bad. I prefer the English version because Folgores song is “Hey hey lets dance all day” not a boobie song like the Japanese version.