Is the Seat Alhambra being discontinued?

Is the Seat Alhambra being discontinued?

The Alhambra is one of the brand’s dying breeds, scheduled to be discontinued at the end of March 2020 after a 24-year production run over two generations and two platforms. The reason SEAT is killing off the Alhambra – named after a monument in Spain – is simple.

What is a Seat Alhambra?

The SEAT Alhambra is a large multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that was built from 1996 to 2020. It was manufactured under the SEAT brand from June 1996 at the Volkswagen Group’s AutoEuropa plant in Palmela, Portugal.

What has replaced the Seat Alhambra?

Volkswagen Sharan
Volkswagen Sharan 2010-2021 A replacement for the Alhambra and Sharan isn’t currently on the cards, with the Volkswagen Group looking to novel designs such as the electric Volkswagen ID Buzz to carry the torch for MPVs.

How reliable is SEAT Alhambra?

Previous surveys have shown good returns for the Alhambra and, in the most recent reliability survey it featured in, it finished fourth in the MPV class with an excellent overall score of 78%. Seat as a brand finished in 15th place in the same survey, though, out of 31 manufacturers.

Is Alhambra a good car?

Make no mistake, the Alhambra is an MPV, and a large one at that. But within that class, it’s one of the best to drive. The steering is eager, there’s plenty of grip and the handling is safe, secure and, if not downright fun, at least much better than you’d expect. The driving position is excellent and visibility good.

Which is bigger Seat Alhambra or VW Sharan?

In terms of dimensions, the Alhambra is still slightly larger than the Tarraco, and it’s one of the bigger MPVs for sale, too. It’s the same size as the VW Sharan, because they’re basically the same car, and the Ford Galaxy is a similar size.

When did the first SEAT Alhambra come out?

A prototype of the first generation SEAT Alhambra was presented at the 1995 Geneva Salon International de l’Auto. The following year the production Alhambra was launched at the same motor show and went on sale in June.

What makes a SEAT Alhambra a good seat?

Capacity and cool lines for your outside-the-box family. It’s your time. Make the most of it. You’ll want it to be quality. So innovative details make every journey an experience. Safe feels good. It’s your highest priority. That’s why every element of the SEAT Alhambra’s design focuses on safety.

How big is the new Sharan SEAT Alhambra?

At 4.85 m (15.9 ft) long, it is 22 cm longer than the first generation: it is also 9 cm wider. Like the new Sharan, access to the middle row of seats is via sliding doors.

How many seats does a VW Alhambra have?

The Alhambra shares most of its components and design with the VW Sharan Mk1 and Ford Galaxy Mk1. However, the Alhambra has more options fitted for a given price range. The Alhambra has seven seats—the five rear seats can be folded down or unclipped and removed completely.