Is Kangen water worth the money?

Is Kangen water worth the money?

There is some research out there that shows Kangen water could be useful for cleaning, but that there isn’t much else out there to prove its other supposed benefits. Crowe-White believes drinking alkaline water isn’t, as the company claims, the only safe way to hydrate.

Is Kangen water legitimate?

The Kangen Water® scam is a marketing scam. Ok, so we might use the word scam a little bit strongly, but the tactics that they use are misleading and not ethical. Kangen water is good, healthy ionized alkaline water, but Enagic’s marketers use very aggressive sales tactics to promote it.

Is Kangen water bad for kidneys?

There are no hard facts either way. But for most healthy individuals, drinking alkaline water is probably not harmful. If you have chronic kidney disease or are taking a medication that affects your kidney function, elements in alkaline water could possibly have negative side effects on the kidneys.

Does Kangen water remove fluoride?

Will the filter remove fluoride from the water? No, the high grade filter will not remove fluoride. However, since fluoride is an acidic mineral carrying a positive charge, some of it will be removed from the alkaline side to the acidic side of the ionized water.

Does Kangen water remove pharmaceuticals?

Electrolysis separates the negatively charged alkaline minerals from the positively charged acidic minerals leaving highly alkaline Kangen water that has a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. It removes the pharmaceutical residue, heavy metals, chlorine and many other toxic chemicals and increasing your health and vitality.

What are the benefits of a Kangen water machine?

Simply put, ionized alkaline benefits are the same whether they are from Kangen or not. One key Kangen water benefit is that it offers you lots of different levels of pH water to do different things as discussed in the previous section. For example, lower pH water is great for cleaning, disinfecting and washing.

What is the pH of Kangen tap water?

Tap water in the US is probably around the same. Strong Kangen water has a pH of 11 (very alkaline), and isn’t meant for drinking. According to the company, this water type is best for food prep (‘removing the rawness from vegetables’) and cleaning. Kangen water has a pH of 8.5-9.5.

Is the Kangen water machine a pyramid scheme?

Kangen water comes from a company called Enagic. Enagic is an MLM company. MLM is short for multi level marketing and many people consider it to be a “pyramid scheme”. In this article I’ll explain the implications of this before going through all the Kangen water machine reviews and explain to you why NONE of them are WORTH it.

Is there a warranty on the Kangen water ionizer?

The Kangen machine is the most expensive water ionizer on the market. You would expect that for the price you would get a great warranty. But the opposite is the case; Enagic® only warranties their machine for 5 years. Enagic®’s warranty period is one of the shortest warranties in the industry.