Is hive worth the money?

Is hive worth the money?

Yes, the price is a little steep but the technology you are buying into – more on this later in the review – is worth it. Hive is also boasting on its website, that by using its system over the course of a year you can save hundreds on your heating bills. The Hive hub was also set up in this time.

Is there a monthly charge for hive?

Hive Live is a monthly subscription service that gives you the following benefits: Ongoing warranty on all of your Hive products. 10% discount when you buy any Hive products. Free delivery on all orders.

Is hive com safe?

At Hive, security is our number one priority. We have taken comprehensive steps to guarantee that your messages, actions, and files are secure inside the Hive application. This standard for security is true across our application, user, network, data center, and network layers.

Is hive owned by Google?

Hive Connected Home

Type of site Subsidiary
Employees 200+ (2015)
Parent Centrica (2012-present)
Native client(s) on iOS, Android (Google Play and Amazon Appstore), Windows 10 Mobile

Does British Gas own Hive?

As Hive is part of the British Gas family, you’ll benefit from the hands on expertise of our engineers. They’ll fit your Hive products and show you how to get the best out of them.

Is The Hive app free?

BRITISH Gas customers can now get the Hive energy app for free, the energy company announced this week.

Does Hive work without Internet?

If the heat or the hub is disconnected from the Internet, the Hive application will show you and tell you what is wrong. Yes, your thermostat will continue to function on its pre-set schedule if not connected to WiFi.

Can you install Hive yourself?

Can I install Hive myself? Yes you can. Hive installation is pretty easy yourself, will save you the cost of an engineer and should only take about an hour to complete.

How do I secure my Hive?

At Hive we always check your identity when you call us. Then access to your Hive account is also protected by a password we ask you to create the first time you log in. We also encrypt communication with our website and mobile apps using industry standard SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

Is The Hive App Free UK?

Does Hive work without British Gas?

Do I need to be with British Gas to have Hive? No, any Hive products can be installed no matter who provides your energy.

How to do a hive customer service review?

The Hive engineers have much more detail setup instructions and can configure the devices in more ways than the instructions available to the competent DIYer. Then customer service, take a read after this review, all the Hive 1 or 2 star reviews. Notice how the apologies are virtually word for word?

Is the hive smart lightbulbs a good buy?

Hive smart lightbulbs are good & very useful Just had a new boiler fit and have… Just had a new boiler fit and have included a Hive in the purchase. So far so good, like the flexibility of it but still learning its capabilities. Next step to save up for some bulbs!

Who is the manager of hive power cable?

I spoke to Marc-Anthony (Hive) who diagnosed a faulty power cable and the manager agreed that this should not have failed a month out of the 12 month warranty and provided a free power cable replacement by post.

What’s the difference between hive and a DIY handyman?

The problem with their installation services aside expense, whereas a DIY handyman could with better instructions, fit the item just as easily themselves, is the lead time, for what is a simple fit.