Is gummy bear and potassium chlorate a chemical change?

Is gummy bear and potassium chlorate a chemical change?

Description: An Gummi Bear is dropped into a test tube of heated potassium chlorate. The Gummi Bear is combusted. Concepts: An exothermic reaction releases heat. A chemical change (combustion reaction) as opposed to a physical change (melts in your mouth, not in your hands).

What happens when you mix potassium chlorate and candy?

When potassium chlorate and ordinary table sugar are combined, and a drop of sulfuric acid is added as a catalyst, the two react violently with each other, releasing large quantities of heat energy, a spectacular purplish flame, and a great deal of smoke. …

Can gummy bears explode?

In this experiment, a demonstration of a spontaneous exothermic reaction will take place between a gummy bear and molten potassium chlorate. Once the potassium chlorate has been melted in a test tube, a gummy bear will be dropped to his doom and flames will burst out of the tube as a result.

Can you soak gummy bears in fireball?

– Empty the Fireball into the container, until the whiskey just covers the top of the gummy worms. Allow for the gummy bears to soak for a day, or up to three if you want them extra boozy. Some also prefer to soak them for 8 hours at room temperature. This will keep some firmness, but less booze absorption.

How to make potassium chlorate from gummy bears?

Place the test tube into a clamp on a ring stand. Make sure that this set up is done in a Fume Hood. There will be lots of smoke, fire, and possible flaming pieces of molten gummy bear. Place the end of the test tube under a Bunsen Burner or onto a hot plat.

How to do a chemical reaction with potassium chlorate?

1 Place a small amount (~5g) of potassium chlorate in the test tube (~1 cm in depth) 2 Securely clamp the test tube with opening pointed in safe direction. 3 Heat the potassium chlorate with the burner until molten. 4 Remove heat source and turn off. 5 With tongs, add a Gummi bear to the molten KClO 3 6 Stand back. The reaction will be immediate.

Can you put potassium chlorate in a test tube?

Pour about 10g of Potassium chlorate into a long medium/large test tube. Do not do this experiment with a small or short test tube as molten pieces of bear will fly out while the reaction progresses. Place the test tube into a clamp on a ring stand.